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sofos1990 - GeForce 8800 GTX @ 972/1188MHz - 72714 marks 3DMark03


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The holy grail? So holy that as far as I know, there are NO other 8800GTX A3 scores on HWB? (8800GTX: 2nd most submitted-to GPU category, with 13900 results)


I have seen/ bought eVGA 8800 Ultra cards with 8800GTX stickers on them, but they were A3/ Ultra in BIOS


I have seen eVGA 8800GTX product codes like "768-P2-N831-A3" but as far as I know, that's just co-incidence.


Nice spot Dr.House... I never noticed!

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It's not BIOS. I thought someone had flashed an Ultra with a GTX BIOS a while ago, so I tried it with one of my own before I said anything. (I was wrong, they hadn't.) Core revision stays the same, even if BIOS is flashed.


ie.... if you flash an Ultra with a GTX BIOS, you get an "A3 8800GTX"

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