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AwardFabrik on Cebit with LN2 live show!


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AwardFabrik on CeBIT 2010

Only 2 days left until Cebit in Hannover / Germany will open it's doors again.

Since 2007 the AwardFabrik shows overclocking at the ASUS booth and we will continue this tradition of course. With a team of 4 people we will be there the entire time from tuesday to saturday. We hope that we can reach world records live on-stage. For that we are working closely together with ASUS and are already pretesting several systems.

The program will contain freestyle-benching from Otterauge, no_name, stummerwinter and myself, as well as an overclocking contest between our visitors. Enermax will also make a lottery with PSU's and others as prices.


Sponsors of the AwardFabrik Overclocking-team on Cebit are ASUS (Mainboards and GPUs), MUSHKIN (RAM/ SSDs), ENERMAX (PSUs), Intel (CPUs) and AQUATUNING (Benchtables and watercooling).


The CeBIT-Crew 2010 consists of Stummerwinter, Otterauge, No_Name and me - SoF. Also some other crew-members will be around several days.


Where? Hall 17 booth H16

When? 02.03. - 06.03.2010

Who? Stummerwinter, Otterauge, SoF and No_Name


Thanks for the support goes to ASUS - Holger Schmidt, Eva Bernpainter and Christian Wefers.


You are welcomed at the booth anytime - your visit is highly appreciated.


Pretesting runs quite well, I could hit 262+ 32m stable, 271 bclk screen and 5100 MHZ QPI with no problems :celebration: Hope this chip can fly under LN2, this Maximus III Formula surely has some balls :D









AwardFabrik - SoF

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Hey guys!


I just came back from Cebit 2010 and maaaaan what a great time again. But this time I was so busy with benching and finding the right system to break a record with that I missed a little bit time to talk enough to all of you guys. Thanks for coming by to the booth all! was sooooo great to finally meet some of you the first time and of course old friends.

Yesterday I was pretesting (kinda ^^) with hiwa - 2 systems and chips in 1,5 hour to figure it all out -.- Today we were unlucky in the morning...maybe one of his chips or a Formula is semi-dead...shut Pi randomly somehow :( In the afternoon we modded the Maximus III Extreme (thanks giorgio to come and help out searching) and tried to push hard. After having 6.4 GHZ running we fighted with the last 2 GPUs left on air - the best ones are under LN2 or contest-systems...so Otterauge did a crazy thing - he pulled out the qcfx cooler and gave us 2 cards pre-freezed at minus 40 and we isolated pci-e a bit pulled them in and started....still shaking when I think of the run, several times I wanted to gave up as it seemed something was freezing or getting unpredictable but I still can hear hiwa say "one more run, one more run" and YEAH MAN WE GOT THAT F***** LAST GOOD RUN :D can't thank you enough for all you've done for me today, great 05 lesson :) btw GPUz wouldn't open on the final run for whatever reason, clocks were 1300/1300 - here our score before ;)










The day before, hope I'll find some pics of today later ;)


dscf0498.th.jpg dscf0499p.th.jpg dscf0502o.th.jpg

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@NeoForce Was nice to talk to ya hope to meet anytime soon again :toast: You are on quite a lot fotos :D




Found a picture of our WR system and some more of hiwa and me benching - see the look in our faces, man we were "focusing" hard :D











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