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Maybe this idea is already posted some time ago, I don't know, but this is my idea:


Is it possible to make that when you want to submit a score you can select a system you created on, let's say your profile, other than selecting a previous score(Prepopulate fields by score) with similar hardware. Then you can make a few setups, like a SB-E setup and an Ivy setup.


Say if you posted like 10 scores with an Ivy setup but then made a score with SB-E, the previous score with that system is already gone from the list of previous results, so you still have to fill in everything. When having a system pre-configured you don't have this problem. you could even make a comment part where you can, for example, already fill in who sponsored something :P

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Yea, I was thinking about that too. For the people who have one or two CPU/board/memory combos at a time and stick with them for a while :)


P.S..... entry fields for RAM timings need fixed. Default box is to enter in "the old way" e.g. one data box with "7-9-7," but when a user tries to submit, it errors out and offers a field for each timing. CAS is filled in, the others are blank.

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