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The Stilt - A10-5800K @ 7904.9MHz - 7904.86 mhz CPU Frequency


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Thanks =)

@ Massman: I´ve posted max CPU frequency results on three different 5800Ks.


I am seeing around 100-300MHz improvement with the recent modifications.


7.32GHz (from July) -> 7605MHz max.

7.60GHz -> 7785MHz max.

7.81GHz -> 7938MHz+ max (live at Akiba)


With a golden chip 8GHz+ is a fact.

These chips are not even specially binned, the one that does 7938MHz is a recent retail CPU ;)

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Live at Akiba? You're in japan?


Thanks for the information on the CPUs, interesting to see such big gains on the older chips. Can you share the batch of the 7.9GHz CPU?


Yeah, me and macci had the AMD OC Challenge 2012 venue at Akiba.


Two Contour 2+ HD (POV view), 2x static HD cams and several press operated still / video cams were running. Atleast 38+ hours worth of video to be edited :D




FPSI: 2012 / 37 - Penang Malaysia, Line T (PGT) - Lot P/N F356-1K - Core PS0 Fuse 0x20h (1.35000V) - IMC PS0 0x3Ch (1.17500V), IMC Delta Fuse (0x2h negative).

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