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Big Mess in Intel GMA Sections

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Well we made some progress here, the Database is now in a very good shape. Also it seems that Turrican accepted to add the mobile counterparts. There are still some models missing, so if you have a GPU-Z validation feel free to open a ticket in the HelpCenter.


Also, everyone is free to move their submissions to the correct category by editing your result by her/him own. If you cant to do this because i.e. its a competition entry than you should report your own submission so that a mod can do this for you.


I think were on a good way now next step is to fix some bugs in GPU-Z...

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  • Crew
for the record. i hate those intel gpus with their namings. you need a doctors degree to know which is what. especially when gpu-z shows also wrong stuff sometimes. :P


yeah for sure, especially because GPU-Z changed naming during versions. But it has to fight with the same issues like we- one device id for two devices, or multiple ids for one device. No clear product name or multiple names and just one device...

Still, I dont think that we couldnt handle this.

Maybe we should consider that users can make their entry based on deviceID...

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Guys, need new order for GMA 950 Mobile.

intel 945GSE -  single-channel RAM (400/533) and for Atom cpu, without pci-e x16.

Intel 945GME and 945GM - dual-channel RAM (400/533/667) I don't see difference. Info from Intel site has error, i report, waiting fix.

945GC - not mobile, fsb 800 and support Atom 200/300

Why 950 Mobile (945GME,945GSE) ? GPU-Z can't difference ?


And check all results, example


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