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What do you mean? I just posted with my usual login PEDRO COHEN, but I can´t make login with it. What password should I use? I created the user PC400 but I don´t want to use it.


I just created to get in touch with you guys. I want to use my usual login PEDRO COHEN. Please reset password to recover my login.



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Guest Black_Team

Hello I would like to be moved in the enthusiast league since I did not put any score under extreme cooling, I only used air cooling and h2o

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Problems with HWBOT account


Good day. My problem is simple. I need to clear my account "PC400" and come back to "PEDRO COHEN" login.


I had to change few specifications on my account. I want to use normally PEDRO COHEN with all points and submissions.


When i logoff i go back to PC400. I can't save specs as PEDRO COHEN.


Please delete PC400 and let me use PEDRO COHEN only. I want all points on email pedrocohen@msn.com


Please I need this soon to post new results.


Send me a reset password link to PEDRO COHEN to pedrocohen@msn.com



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