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Opinion: another 3930k or 3970k or anything


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Hello, can you give me your opinion like overclocker?


-I have a 3770k, I can benchs between 5250 and 5350.


-I have a 3930k, I can benchs between 5000 and 5100, but increasingly difficult to spend more than 5000 and 1.60 voltage


My question.....


-You buy another 3930k (New or tested, preferably tested and good)?

-You buy one 3970k (Hoping it's good ....)?

-You expect to the launch of Haswell or ivy-e and you will pass with my degraded 3930k ?


I use water cooling.


Thanks for your opinion!!


(..... and sorry by my english)

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SB-E is only good for 3D11 and 3DV.


Haswell will reduce that to 3DV only and even that will have exceptions.


Even to 3DM11, is not the best choice.

I lose the 1st place using SB-E, because it can not push graphics test enough.

Even it gaves more physic, gave worst scores to GT.




It must go #1 running at 6100~6200 Mhz 3770K



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