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GTX 680 Lightning MSI Afterburner Volt Bypass Guide

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Today I will share how to bypass the +93mv limt, you all have on your MSI GTX 680 Lightning cards.


Your Cards need to have the: (unlocked LN2) Bios!

Download here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByaqIKti5kitbkxERjVhYVlqbzQ/edit



How to use NVflash:


1: Extract the nvflash files to C:\


2: Save the BIOS file to C:\


3: Open elevated cmd window (hit start button, type "cmd", right click cmd icon, run as administrator)


4: Change directory to C:\ (type " cd C:\ " )


5: OPTIONAL: type " nvflash --protectoff " then hit enter (turns off any error msg that may result from software write protection)


6: BACKUP ORIGINAL BIOS: Type " nvflash -b backup.rom " and a copy of your bios will be saved to the nvflash directory



7: Type " nvflash -4 -5 -6 Yourbios.rom "


8: Wait for it to finish


9: Reboot


10: OPTIONAL: reinstall drivers



When you are done with that, we can go to the next step. "Real Overclocking"



You will need 2 programs to do this:


1: MSI Afterburner 2.2.3

2: Artmoney


Make sure youre running both AB and AM "As Administrator"!


1: Set AB vcore to +93, hit apply, make sure its still at +93


2: Go to AM, search for integer with value 93; it should give you like several thousand results.




3: Go back to AB, change vcore to like +70, hit apply, then see what vcore it changes it to (+68 i think)


4: Go back to AM, filter your previous search. Hit filter, then enter in value 68 (or whatever value is currently displayed in vcore of AB. Hit enter.


5: Add The one with the adresse "00449000" - That control your offset!




6: Then you can enter in all the info in the 'edit address' window. I entered in a value of 180 (which will give me an offset of +143 in AB).




7: Set your clocks in AB, and you are ready to GO!


OSB: Remember to Check the "Freeze" box.


Everyone needs to be careful using this method to control their voltages. it is a memory hack... which is a hack! always keep in mind the risk of your actions!

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