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I.M.O.G. - GeForce 8800 GTS 640 Mb @ 792/999MHz - 112138 marks 3DMark2001 SE


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Sweet YHPM. Thanks man! I've been getting some coaching on what sort of inventory I should build up for future soldering, but I haven't ordered anything yet.


Why u no bench g80? We can't let k404 have all the fun. I've actually been having a blast on it the past few months... For $20-40 for cards, fully hard modded (bobnova has been doing my mods), you can just hammer the volts, then light them on fire if they don't bench good, they're cheap. :D


I appreciate the tip on OCP by the way. I hadn't ever thought about it honestly. Bobnova puts so much hotglue on the suckers to make them indestructible, its hard to see whats actually going on underneath. :D

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Sorry I was unclear Kenny. There are no OCP mods on this card, I'm doing them tonight. Having done this card myself, I only did vGPU, not realizing the importance of OCP.


I've got maybe a half dozen similar cards here, which did have OCP done on them as well as the other mods by Bobnova - they were just buried under hotglue and I never realized OCP was needed as well as the volt mods. I've been spoiled by buying cards, Bobnova doing the dirty work, and then I get a card ready to rock and all I have to do is bench it.

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I generally use through-hole resistors (too lazy to order 0603s from digikey, really should), so I submerge 'em in hot glue to prevent the resistor getting bumped and ripping the cap off the PCB. You can't generally see much of the controller once I'm done :P


Does make it a pain to get back to it later though, that's been an issue in the past.

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What an drama about an simply G80 Voltmod lol :P

Thats one of the easyest thing you can mod:D


Drama? Sorry for talking about my first voltmod I guess, not like I'm making myself out to be an expert. So ya, I didn't see drama here but I'll serve you some up! :D


At least it's a mod used for an actual benchmark with real competition. I mean, I could spend my time running PCM05, stacking up gold cups that aren't contested by anyone serious, except for one or two people who haven't lost interest due to the way you and others have attempted to exploit the benchmark making it irrelevant to virtually everyone who might have cared at some point. I mean look at what you've done at this point, really you just copied my storage setup and added a secondary raid card, then pillaged the global rankings in every category where you have virtually no competition at the top of the rankings. That makes up virtually all of your meaningful global points, and your 3D globals are marginal at best. PCM05 also makes up over 130 of your hardware points, which if you take away those, you'd probably lose some of your false sense of self worth.


Now that's drama! ;)

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I usually get my smd resistors off dead socket A boards.

Most of my boards are Abit and they have many of them, you just need to know how to read values on the resistors.


Congrats for your first mod, you'll certainly get it on a higher level when you get experienced enough.

Just triple-measure everything before firing up the card and avoid doing mods when you're half-asleep :P

Never measure voltage on the back of a running card, your hand can easily slip away and short something with the DMM. Don't be lazy (like I am) and solder wires for measurements.

Reduces the headache, believe me :D

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