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Mixed scores and screenshots

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It seems that there is some bug in the XP-M 2500+ rankings - http://hwbot.org/benchmark/superpi_-_1m/rankings?start=0&hardwareTypeId=processor_1231#start=0#interval=20

I was browsing through submissions and noticed that #1 and #2 have exactly the same time and description under the score.

Main screenshots are different, but the screenshot from the first submission is also present as a link in Jaan's sub.

Jaan's submission screenshot shows a run at 3GHz. The competition was held long time ago, so I don't remember what was his final score, however it's listed there as a 3.3GHz run.


I don't remember how was the ranking before, but I think that might be related to the recently fixed bug with unlinked screenshots to scores.


Same bug might be present in other rankings as well.

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Is it possible that Jaan edited the submitted result? Surely this would have been caught during the competition - participants are always closely watching what happens in the competitions.


You can't edit Competition subs unless you remove it from the competition.

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I don't remember (it was 3 years ago), but perhaps the only thing left from the original submission is the screenshot. Other things (score, frequency, additional link to another screenshot and description were somehow copied from sobih's submission.

I don't think if that was Jaan's submission in the comp, it could have remained unnoticed.


Jaan's other submission in the comp (pifast) has the same frequency. Turrican won the competition back then, but I don't remember who was second. looking at sobih's profile, this is the only submission he has and I can't judge who owns that cascade.


Here's the news from 2010 - http://hwbot.org/news/2920_turrican_wins_hwbot_oc_challenge_may_2010.


Turrican - first, Berserker - second and Jaan - third.

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