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  • 2 months later...
the problem is "Error in Computation" on these pifast runs. ;)

Ok .no I realized, I have to do it again "Pifast"

Thank you

Please, add this stuff to rules ;)


That's the only thing I always ask for - the judgement should correspond to the judgement list which are the Rules :)

Agree ;)
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  • Crew

Let's have a look at your scores :


980X @ 4292MHz

with 1x 5870 got 103k --> your entry in between LN2 cooled cards that run over 1400 core. Your validated score is 90K. This is a huge jump for just a reboot. Don't you think it is a bugged run ?

with 1x 4890 got 91k--> you even beat Kingpins LN2 card on stock cooler :P

with 1x 5670 got 5,5k --> score is still validated, yet it's another bugged run for sure. Ryba runs 1500 core and you 850 ?


I really don't think the reboot trick is that good... sorry before complaining get the facts straight sir.

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Thor thanks for alerting me about my submission in 06 with the wrong resolution. That's the native resolution of the laptop and I thought that was standard for 06. Cheers


plug your lappy into a monitor and run 06 again at default res....and you wont go wrong :)

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