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280 gtx volt mod VDD & VDDQ

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For the Hynix RAM used, I got my best results at ~2.21v.... I found that it doesn't scale much with volts and doesn't like high voltage.


vCore..... I suspect you'll tune vCore to stay within OCP. OCP mod is important for these cards.


There's also a balancing act to be done between GDDR and core MHz. The memory MHz you get during pretesting on air will *probably* have to be reduced in order to max out the core under LN2 (or dice.)


Sorry.... I don't have voltmod pics for these cards. Someone else will be able to help for sure though :)

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vddr and vddrq are RAM voltage and termination/driving voltage..


vDDR is needed for speed increases..

vDDRq can help stabilize IMC at high RAM speeds.. like VTT/Aux voltage on ATI


vDDRq was good for me on 285 with +.15v only.. more did not help me hold higher speeds under -0.. I think cold helped the mem more.. but when your squeezing for every mhz..

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