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CPU-Z 1.66.1 Validation Errors


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Based off initial reports from Schmuckley, I decided to do a bit of testing into this issue myself.


To replicate, do the following:

  1. In the OS, hit F7 to save your validation file
  2. Change the clockspeeds (or cause speedstep to kick in) and hit F7 a few more times
  3. Go to valid.canardpc.com to validate your files
  4. Submit your first validation (it should work)
  5. Wait a few minutes and try to submit any other validation (hint: you'll get the error "This ID is invalid")


First sub (works)

Second sub (doesn't work)


I could use a few more people testing! Since 1.65 is about lose validation capabilities, it would be great if we could figure out a way around this.

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Looking into it, thanks guys, you are not the only ones to have this issue. I will have more info tomorrow on what's going on.


EDIT: Tried on my end, managed to reproduce the issue.

The fix: Wait more than 10 minutes between the two online submit. 12 to be safe. You can resubmit the second one, it must work now.

But yeah it's indeed a bug, it shouldn't said invalid ID but redirect to the previous valid like before.

Should be fixed next monday.

Edited by Christian Ney
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Sorry but... i'm having actually the problem... i was 3 months without submitting, and now have "immediate" bug -.-

3 hours of test and experiments but NO MODE FOR WORK :(


the same for me too :(


always the same message "This ID is invalid"... :(


chance to fix it?

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had 1.66.1 working fine and then it prompted me to update to 1.67.... DON'T use 1.67..


Sempron 145 using cpuz 1.67

File cpuz6006_5.cvf upload : OK

Dump corrupted !


i7 2600K stock using CPUZ 1.67

File cpuz1604.cvf upload : OK

Dump corrupted !


I tried 5 different overclocked sempron 145 .cvf files, all corrupt.

I tried my daily machine and my laptop and get all the same corruption errors.

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