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A 5am start, some good and bad luck during the travel down, but eventually, I arrived.










I took one look at the queue, thought "bunny this," made a phonecall, then loudly asked where the VIP check-in was. ~300 people: envious.




MUCH better.

















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Waiting to do a health and safety inspection with the Fire Brigade. If they aren't happy: no LN2 at all.






Quote of the day?


"Hey. Do you sell coffee?"

"Sorry, no. Try Starbucks (points)"


"I said coffee"






There is a member of CP security guarding my demo computer :D

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Ok..... it was yesterday, but here's how the workshops went:


Session 1. An explanation to overclocking with air/water, with demo systems controlled by 8-Pack and myself. Borandi did the presentation and one of the content/stage managers said that it had been the presentation that had the fewest people leave during it :D so.... props to Borandi for sure


My demo didn't go well. I lose power at my table, once that was fixed I had horrible thermal throttling. To start with, I thought I was setting the BIOS up wrong. Right at the end of the demo, I took the heatsink off to see that the paste had dried out (it was a new retail boxed chip....) and wasn't doing anything. I changed to a TRUE Copper and could show the audience that upgrading from the stock cooler could have massive benefits to temperatures, which I guess is an important thing to show them.


The second our presentation finished, stage crew swarmed the workshop to prep it for the LN2. After the H+S check, we'd all agreed on changing the workshop layout so people could see, but were a "safe distance" away from the LN2....so about 18 people started moving things for us :D


After dinner, we had the LN2 demo and the audience were WAY more up for it. Ian changed his presentation style to be a bit more "hype-y" and it worked really well.


8 and me struggled like HELL with the benching. 8 had the MHz but had some horrible throttling. He'll post and explain properly :) Before we even started, Production & stage management had to abandon a plan for me to be benching through a monitor splitter system so we could broadcast my desktop to the audience on screens. Also, someone set up a minicam over my thermometer (upside-down), but I have no idea if that was working (probably not....) 8 had the big presentation screen, so no problems for him there :D

I lost all but 1 of my USB ports and all I had was a 1.1 hub......and I needed to install benchmarks....which took ~25 minutes :( :( During all this I had BSODs if I went over 4.8GHz!!!!!!!!! and I wanted to throw the whole lot out the nearest window. I kept going because that's better than giving up and eventually got a really pointless gold medal but after 2 hours of crap, I looked so happy that the audience who stuck around, decided it must be a really good score and applauded louder than the score deserved :P


The Fire Brigade really held us back.... 8-Pack especially, then they got bored and told us we had to stop.


So......audience happy, organisers happy, benchers: not happy, but....."job done"


I swore on-mic, but I'm Glaswegian and I was happy. :P




I finally met 8-Pack!!


Big big big thanks to: 02 Arena London, Telefonia, London Fire Brigade, the 02 Angels, Antonio (the LEGEND,) Will (legend in the making,) Tobi (also a legend in the making,) Pepe (200% legend,) Paulo (enjoy the Haribo? :D,) Sue, borandi and 8-Pack

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