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G-Pot Rev.1.03 is ready...

Guest GoriLLakoS

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Guest GoriLLakoS

It is time for Revision 1.3...


It is based on the 1.2 Revision with some improvements like :


1. Bigger mass on the bottom.

2. It is about 20cm instead of 22cm but it is more wide.

3. I removed the last step from the bottom(outside) and make it one piece with the whole base to add more mass too.

4. The interior is fullfilled with "lines" , i mean that it is not plane and crafted..it is like you have very small rings inside the whole pot from the top to the base in order to have as bigger surface as it can have from this rings to hold temps better on high loads....


Some noob photos..


They arrived n this situation..





10 to start...







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Guest GoriLLakoS

4CM from the bottom to the holdown area





20CM tall




And the inside base(the photos was the best i could do with an optio S6 camera)







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