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Reccomend me a PSU for 2d benching older AMD chips (ln2)


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Any high quality PSU with ~600 W and more will be totally fine for that. The power consumtion of CPUs on LN2 is not that high anyway.


I used an IKONIK 1000W PSU for years and now changed to a LEPA 1600W for my normal bench-rig. This week I did some benching on a different Setup and they only had a Fractal Design 600W PSU. It was enough to do 3D Benchmarks with Ivy-Bridge on LN2 and a GTX 780Ti on air.

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PSU requierements are often way too exaggerated, both by companies and users. That said I would recommend 700W+ single rail with good efficiency (gold or better) and many pci-e contacts. Simply because that's my view of a good benching psu. Now running Cooler Master V1000 and happy with it. You never know when you want to start benching graphics :)

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I'd say quality is more important that wattage for those things. I've always used singlerail PSUs, so I recommend that as well. Corsair AX series is rather good. I'd also recommend a PC Power & Cooling 610w or 750w silencer if you find the original units for sale :P benched a ton of older stuff on those units before I got my first AX1200w.

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