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I decided to move into new year with consolidated mem stock and offer a couple of very decent kits here for sale. All are tested to be in fully working condition. On DDR3, not all kits will go, if enough is sold, remaining parts will stay






1. 2x4GB G.Skill TridentX 2600c10-12-12-31 1,65v (Samsung D HCH9)


Last Kit of my TridentX binning marathon this year, 1500 in partnumber indicates HCH9. 2800 10-12-12 on Ivy and Haswell, both results around 1,66v, 2800c9-12-12-18 tested on M5E needed around 1,95v for hard subs and twcl6. In box with unused fan


jd801296bisit.jpg 133633-341400c9-12-12y4u5j.jpg 140110-12-12-25tridenzsjpu.jpg


2. 2x4GB TeamGroup XTreem 2400 C9-11-11-28 1,65v (Samsung HCH9)


Best kit out of around a dozen I had of these, used ICs are Samsung D, most likely HCH9. Tested for 2800 10-12-12-28 on M5Gene at 1,65v and 2800 9-12-12-16/9-12-12-21 at 1,92/1,90v on M5Extreme TWCL6 and very hard secondaries and tertiaries. Fast test on Haswell showed similar results. In original Team packaging


jd8012957qs94.jpg jd801170cmru3.jpg 231400c9tightlb632m1925uah.jpg team24004ghzcp2800c9m8rsdn.jpg

3. 3x2GB G.Skill Trident 2000 9-9-9-24 1,6v (PSC)


Triple kit with follow up SNs and 1040, which indicates PSC-ICs. Tested for specs and 2400 8-11-8-28 twcl6 extreme tertiaries, but need more voltage than my other psc kits, because of this they can leave or will be used for 24/7 if they stay. In original G.Skill blister, warranty labels intact.


jd801300lrsxu.jpg trident10201200c8-2h1qh5.jpg


4. 2x2GB Kingston HyperX 1800 C8-8-8-24 1,7-1,9v (Elpida)


Bought because of curiousity, run the specs way below 1,65v and tested for 2200 7-9-7-21 32M, but need a lot of voltage. I did not bother to test more because I still have ripjawx2133c8 and an excellent ocz bbse kit which easily do 1300, maybe someone needs the Kingston though and I offer these here. Intact warranty labels, ICs should be bbse, but are definitely Elpidas.




5. 2x2GB SuperTalent Chrome 2000 C8-8-8-24 (Hyper)


Last of tons of Hypers I binned a few years ago, better than the 2000c7 Projectx and 2200C8 Speed I had for example. Tested on all newer Intel platforms on which they always did 2000c7 way below 1,65v, last fast Test on Haswell showed 2000 7-7-6-20 1,63v. Also tested on Ivy for example for nearly 2150 7-7-7 and 2350 8-8-8 32M with 1,73v. In original blister packages.


27.06.1210qgzre.jpg supertalentchrome2000fmrk6.jpg




6. 2x512MB Corsair XMS 3200C2 rev4.3 (Samsung TCCD?)


Kit was purchased a while ago, I used it for some retro benches, it is not easy to handle, so would be better buyer knows what he is doing^^ - apart from benches, I pre-tested the kit for 300 2,5-4-4-8 1T at 2,62v on DFI Ultra D, did run easily 320+ for cinebench and other tests, but I never had combination that was ideal for mem testing in recent times. Bulk with intact labels


jd801299sdsuy.jpg 3200c2dual30025262vme3ljzd.jpg


7. 2x512MB Corsair XL Pro 3200 C2-2-2-5 rev1.2 (Samsung TCCD)


Excellent condition, sticks are tested single with memtest for 310 2,5-3-3-7 2,7v and 310 2,5-4-4-7 at same voltage, iirc they did 280 2.5-3-3-6 at ultra-d at 2,6v, 300 and above is no problem with right board and IMC. Bling bling works fine :D. In corsair blister



Prices excl. shipping cost

1. 155 Euros sold to Strunkenbold

2. 175 Euros sold to Michel90

3. 45 Euros

4. 35 Euros

5. 95 Euros sold to leeghoofd

6. 22 Euros sold to odbytorg

7. 25 Euros sold to leeghoofd


Items are located at Berlin, germany, shipping should be from 7-17 euros in europe, depending on use of Deutsche Post or DHL, but please ask if you need bigger package or are from outside EU


Best regards



Disclaimer: No returns, no warranty provided and items are sold as seen. I cannot rule out compability problems because hardware tends to behave different in each system, but all is tested and fully working



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Too bad on the GTX2 :( - the Supertalent Chrome and the Corsair XL Pro are sold to Leeghoofd, hope they do a good job for you, Albrecht :)


the remaining DDR1 kit and only one ddr3 kit are still for sale

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