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Nvidia 8800 GT/GTS/GS reference PCB 512 MB G92


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I know this is old but looking to do first hardmod on evga 8800gts 512 and according to the techpowerup thread it calls for a 500 Ω variable resistor for vGpu and 20 kΩ variable resistor for vMem, madshrimps also recommended the 20 kΩ variable resistor for mem but a 1kOhm adjustable resistor for gpu like you used. I am assuming the vmem mod depends on ic whether to raise or lower voltage and gpu voltage range id like to try on ln2 is 1.4v and possibly up to 1.5 vGpu. I did buy two of these just in case, but the mod looks fairly easy compared to some of the projects i do daily for work and a great way (cheap) to jump into hardmodding


links for reference:




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Be sure to do a reverse memory mod if your GPU has Quimonda memory!


Yez zir, I know that from ocn thread, you guys gave me the tpu link to voltmod, but I am confused about the vr used for vGpu as I stated in previous post. It must depend on what volt range you are trying to acheive, so is 1.4v+ good for lin, if so any recommendations for cold h2o. The 500 ohm vr would probably be the way to go?


Any links available to read up on how to do the math to figure out starting point based on initial resistance reading via dmm

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

A rough guide line for the starting point is to read the resistance on the card and then multiply by 20. That's all you need.


So if it is 20 Ohm, you will need to start with 400 to be roughly equal, except 500 is the closest (without using multiple VRs), so you go for that one. Tune down, volts go up. Easy peasy.


I think that's what you were asking...? :D

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Also remember that both will work. You will only see differences in what the volts will be when the mod is applied (at full resistance) and the sensitivity to adjustments. Using more or less resisting pots will cause each turn of the pot to increase or decrease the volts faster. If you carefully read your DMM with even tiny adjustments you shouldn't have any problem

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