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Rule suggestion/ plea (3D03)

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I see a LOT of scores in this bench without FPS breakdown. Seeing as the FPS details are available in the free version, there's no excuse to not have it present and it will make bugged-score finding much easier.


Could FPS breakdown info be made mandatory?



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K404, these are the RULES for 3D03



^I made that screeny


# have a valid screenshot (see example below): clearly show 3Dmark score, 3Dmark subtest scores, 3Dmark settings, processor in CPU-Z, videocard in GPU-Z, unless if you provide a futuremark orb link

# gpu-z in screenshot, dropdown must be visible if you run in SLI so all videocards are identified. Rivatuner may be used if GPU-Z fails to identify videocard properly (as of 8 oct 2007)

# have a valid futuremark orb link as verification for scores in the top 20



it's also mandatory listed in text

the only exception is when you provide FM comparo link, then subtests are available at FM ORB




in short


Could FPS breakdown info be made mandatory?


they already are :)

for all futuremark benchmarks.

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if a score is in line with what others have, reporting for reporting's sake will not be accepted with open arms by the mods, and might actually achieve the opposite ;)


imho this process should be followed concerning a score:

1) is the score too high for the hardware used?

2) check validation provided

3) report if validation is insufficient


if you're going to report all scores without subtests details in the SS, you're jumping straight to #3 , end result might be that the score will be moderated "not suspicious", and can not be reported in the future,


Update 12th May 2009: HWBOT moderators may apply a not suspicious exception when moderating scores which do not earn global points.


When a submission has minor mistakes or incomplete verification, it does not mean by definition it has to be blocked by a moderator. If these submissions are not suspicious in any way, and do not receive global points, the moderator has the right to approve them.This rule is to prevent users reporting each and every submission which have minor mistakes, in order to get a better rank for their own submission. Reporting submissions which are not suspicious but have minor mistakes is against the fair play spirit, and abuse of the reporting functionality will be acted upon.



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Of course, the "within bounds" rule can still apply, but to be pedantic, the score breakdown is not a rule and it's not required. :)


At the moment, I can report any incomplete score I want for being in breach of the rules and it's legit.


I try not to take the mick. From vague meory, I dont think all the scores I reported the other night HAD to be reported, but hey... the guys involved are unlikely to forget the score details box again.... better learning it now than on tweaked to the edge LN2 runs




reporting in future: this thread still exists: http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1787, but if a score is really wrong, it will probably be reported for being really wrong, not for a minor lack of validation and the mods will do the right thing (no sarcasm, I do have faith in you guys)

Edited by K404
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