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Mat_Agnesi - GeForce 8800 GT 512 Mb @ 864/1062MHz - 9001 marks 3DMark Vantage - Performance


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FRANKESTEIN CARD, this is an 8800GT with the 8800GTS's Power supply.

Made by me from two broken CARD, the 8800GT has broken VRM, and the 8800 GTS has broken CORE.


Both Core and RAM is powered by the external 8800GTS's power supply.


Very Crappy Qimonda RAM can't Overclock more than 1060MHz even downvolted...

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asus 8800GT top don´t need another vrm , because it have one enought powerfull for G92 chip .


it have L6713A pwm ..just moded fb pin and ocp mod .

the "secret" is to put a jummper or dip switch on the FB wire ...boot in windows with jummper removed ( without FB mod- on), and then in OS put the jummper back ..then you will be able to inceerese voltages ...without OVP trigger... :D


for the mem , you need REVERSE vmod , because qimonda ic´s are very difficult to bench with lot of voltages , need degreese the voltage ..just moded the FB pin to + vram vrm output , and you will be able to reverse voltages .. measure before the ressistance between the fb pin and out+, and then put a trimmer x 20 over that value

good look!

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Those 3 phase need good cooling and can sustain 1.5v+ an air/water, no nned for zombie (if the card VRM is OK, of course).


Even two phase VRM with very good cooling can sustain a G92 GPU with big air voltages:


Check below:




If you have e golden board with defective VRM, is wothed to zombified.

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Thanks everyone for the interest. My custom power supply cutted from the 8800 GTS is modded and has a wide range voltage regulation. GPU voltage can be set from 1,1v to 1,8v. RAM voltage can be regulated from 1,5v to 2,3v.

For that crappy Qimonda RAM I've used 1,9 volt, and for the Core 1,45v


In fact, nachtfalke & poparamiro is right, not so much difference in overclock between the original Asus's power supply and my 8800 GTS's power supply. RAM stop at the same frequency, The core can go only a little higher than before and need a lot of voltages to raise more.


what voltage do you usually give to that G92 chip ??


For sure, this is not a Golden Card...it's crappy, right ?


but I have liked that experiments, it's funny.

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