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  3. I love the Frosty Pictures..Thanks :) With all that ICE -> DID the board survive??
  4. Someone should give credit to "The Alien". It looks like he helped :) Great Frosty Picture..Thanks :)
  5. I decided to keep it so thread can be closed. Thanks for the space HWBOT.
  6. From the kits I have rev c has always been vh5 but someone who has more experience than me will be able to verify that. I just fixed the ultra d I was given and when I get around to it I am going to see if thaiphoon burner works well with ddr1. When testing ddr2 it sometimes had problems.
  7. bonjour je dois vmod une asus R9 280X directcu II mais je ne trouve pas d'infos svp
  8. Please add this mainboard: 1) ASRock B450 Steel Legend http://valid.x86.fr/q8eme6 Thanks!!
  9. Symptoms preliminary to death: difficulty or inability to detect USB and HDD devices at startup.
  10. Third case: - SB overheating from the card on. It normally warms up so much that you can't hold your finger over it.
  11. The second case also helps identify dead chipsets on modern platforms. If they burn your fingers after trying to turn the system on a couple times they are likely dead.
  12. Second case: -- heating, even minimal, of the SB from the card off, power supply connected to the 220V. It heats up because the internal circuit of the SB supplied with 5Vsb voltage has low or short resistance. Normally in this case the card does not switch on.
  13. The link you provided says literally the same thing as we did
  14. First case: - data lines of the usb ports or a usb port only in short or almost, normal resistance must be on the 1-10Mohm
  15. since these boards have problems with SB (they fail without warning and reasons) I suggest putting a small heat sink on the SB too.
  16. You solve this problem with 1mm copper plate between NB and heat think or use this board with custom NB cooler.
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