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  1. ok, i don't understand that ... so it's not bad as a profile .... 😀
  2. I have a bug on my profile since the last rev. https://hwbot.org/user/nicegab/ I would love to be n ° 1 of my team and french .... but it's not possible 🤔
  3. ok, it's mozilla firefox the probleme..... thanks mat for your help
  4. ok, i do that .... thanks
  5. thanks alex@ro but it don't work and I don't have the cards to redo the scores ....
  6. hello i can't submit gpupi 1B and 32B i submit on the right category, i have the 2.3.4 version when i valid the submition i have this message : "no client version given. required version 2.3" thanks
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