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  1. Thank you very much!!! Love ya man.
  2. Asus Prime B450M-A https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/PRIME-B450M-A/HelpDesk_CPU/ If you need Cpu-z screen shots, please let me know. It's not a problem, Thanks in advance, Jon
  3. Nice Job Richba5tard! Looks good, everything is nice quick and smooth responsive. Thank you.
  4. Or just not open to the public at this time. Now we all have the same Boints. NONE!!! welcome to hell losers
  5. See a sponsor probably wants something in return like advertising. Obviously they can make more sales. So you want/need that displayed somewhere. Personally I don't really look at most other teams submissions unless it happens to be in the area I'm benching at (Cpu Mhz ect) and could care less if some random guy that's big into overclocking gets free hardware. So to me, it doesn't matter and really care less. I'm already on the right team..... That said, You want it simple, just let people overclock. Sponsors should be sending hardware to the people that have never been sponsored, not the same guy over and over again. Seems boring and gives small returns imo. The top guys have been on top for years and years and they earned it, sponsors or not. Vote no to sponsors unless one wants my address haha!
  6. How about they have to prove that they where sponsored. Like the sponsor writes a HWBot validation letter and must be included in the screen shot.
  7. I'd like to be in the everybody else League!!! Pick me Pick me!! Is everybody else league just a nicer way to put poor broke looser? ____________________________________________________ On a serious note, I'd be happy to be in a lower class league or non sponsored league, still make points for myself and team, and also be able to "watch" the pro league. So Pro League could be a yearly Team Ranking for top rank while maintaining the All time Teams Ranking. Boys bench the biggest hardware from each team, there's your winning team for that season. Yes. Hhmm that could work. Cut out leagues by temp could be ok too, maybe not even a bad idea. However it was implemented because of complaints of ranking while it seemed unfair that not everyone can get LN2 for example, it was tried and it stuck. Ya.. Get rid of it. There's an AirGas in every major city.
  8. That's how it works now? Don't think there would be any change there. You can't beat your own score, then you can't move up. Save last years sandbag score for next year. It's not that hard.
  9. TPP was loved the second it was implemented. You should consider maintaining it. It's a good deal for teams of people. Any how Fredric, Have a good Thanksgiving and Holiday season. I haven't much more to voice. Hoping this new Rev works for everyone which will be impossible. But at least you're trying and put this out there for people to try and understand. Me, I'll be back at W9 and concentrating on our goodness at the home site. Will be looking to build a sA system for the at home comp now that I got my IDE drive is wiped (the only one I have left in good working order) clean and see if I can't get a decent percentage OC and just have a blast doing it. Again all are invited. One thing I did miss years ago.... I was able to upload my CPU de-lid pictures for that particular CPU avatar. Wish I could do that again lol. Here's an example. http://hwbot.org/hardware/processor/phenom_ii_x4_965_be/ Yea... the good old days.
  10. OHH and also forgot!!! W9 (the current fastest team on planet earth) is holding a holiday event. OC your processor and hit max % OC!!! No points, no numbers, no hardware or cooling restrictions. no points, no prizes, nothing but good old fashioned fun. Register at Warp9-Systems and have a wonderful Holiday season! http://warp9-systems.proboards.com/thread/778/w9-holiday-oc-competition?page=1&scrollTo=24121 My apologies for the off topic post. Thought it would be nifty to mention that here....
  11. straight forward answer. No fundamental change needed. Rev 7 is fine. leave it alone and repair the odds and ends. Advertise overclocking to young crowds. I'm (we) not getting any younger. Need a larger crowd. It's harder to please the few than the many. Who's idea was it for this big revision change any ways? and WHY? (don't wanna hear about the way HWBot works but want to hear about the people running it and WHY the feeling or awareness of some feeling to make such a large drastic change... In other words I don't want the hardware answer) "Sips coffee and leans back"
  12. From my side it looks like I've been with my Team for 12 years and at hardware bot for probably about as long. What 06 07'?? So we where ClassicPlatforms and changed to warp 9 and grew allowing new members in here and there and earned our way which took many years to a top of a very aggressive make of teams. NOW, we suddenly come up with the idea to basically tear apart a team of human beings with heart and soul put into HWBot? Really, boycott would be a good term for decisions like this. (please no offence it's business I understand that) and any good team with good leaders and members are going to agree here. A yearly fight sounds fun. But you're really going to break hearts here Frederic. How about a yearly team comp that GIVES A LARGE SUM OF POINTS that other teams would have to grind on for a while. Jon aka ShrimpBrime
  13. Well you just save last years screen shot and bench your new hardware and all set up! I still have all or most of all my benchmark pictures. I saved them before uploading to bot.
  14. There's the buzz kill. Any points done in the past prior to previous year is null and void. Your team is based off points for that current year. Too much computational power? Overclock the goddamned server for ducks sake. lol. No but seriously, perhaps move the database to newer server hardware and shop for better pricing maybe? Is HWBot hurting for cash. I saw some thread about paying to lvl up your points or something. I sit in the midwest. Perhaps put up some billboard advertisements and hold some events outside the usual boxes. Scrap the points, scrap the whole thing. why hang onto it? read only view will use computational power. OK so why change points. Make the medals easier to come by. Like adding some in!! Platnum Diamond Gold Silver and so on...... Just some ideas.
  15. Gah. I get it. Simplify the algorithm. Cut the database points in half. Points are good. Need points. I mean, I don't have a lot of points. Been here since day 1 though. Am I gonna lose a lot of points? Sure hope not. Would hope any changes to this place would be in favor of the public, to ALL members. With this new revision, I hope to see a jump in points in my favor for a change. Each revision has cost me points in some way.
  16. LOL. Mr Scott put it quite simply. It's Bullshit. Re-read it Nox.
  17. We have in house comps at W9. You are more than welcome to participate for the fun of it. No pressure, no points no BS. Just fun.
  18. Please add motherboard. Asus Prime A320M-K https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/PRIME-A320M-K/
  19. Excellent!! Give him a hefty fist bump... No, a big arse hug instead.
  20. 12 hours later (had to work) seems to be working pretty good now. I mean FAST in comparison to the last..... years? Thanks HWBot Crew, admin, owners whom it may concern, that put the time and effort into making the site load quickly as it always should have been. I really mean that! You have no idea how frustrating it can be waiting many seconds which seems like minutes to load the page.
  21. Not sure if it's me or the site is just that bad. Been getting the HWBot took too long to load. I can load a cached page but that doesn't help me make submissions really. Most of the time it takes 15-30 seconds to load when the site is available. Is there some special setting I need to have in my browser? If there is, is it really necessary? I know that some talk was going around with Cryptomining or what ever but I am nor did I ever seem to have that problem, so this is not in relation imo. I do not use adblockers or anything else special. On my bench rig which is a fresh install is internet and browser only. Help?
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