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  1. LOL. Mr Scott put it quite simply. It's Bullshit. Re-read it Nox.
  2. We have in house comps at W9. You are more than welcome to participate for the fun of it. No pressure, no points no BS. Just fun.
  3. Please add motherboard. Asus Prime A320M-K https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/PRIME-A320M-K/
  4. Excellent!! Give him a hefty fist bump... No, a big arse hug instead.
  5. 12 hours later (had to work) seems to be working pretty good now. I mean FAST in comparison to the last..... years? Thanks HWBot Crew, admin, owners whom it may concern, that put the time and effort into making the site load quickly as it always should have been. I really mean that! You have no idea how frustrating it can be waiting many seconds which seems like minutes to load the page.
  6. Not sure if it's me or the site is just that bad. Been getting the HWBot took too long to load. I can load a cached page but that doesn't help me make submissions really. Most of the time it takes 15-30 seconds to load when the site is available. Is there some special setting I need to have in my browser? If there is, is it really necessary? I know that some talk was going around with Cryptomining or what ever but I am nor did I ever seem to have that problem, so this is not in relation imo. I do not use adblockers or anything else special. On my bench rig which is a fresh install is internet and browser only. Help?
  7. Ok. I can submit to the link you provided. But after examining the scores.... Every one seems to have a Venus core lol. Thanks for your time.
  8. Wait... So you're saying that Cpu-z and CpuWorld are both wrong?? Does that also include the s939 Cpu list Wiki wrong as well? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_Opteron_microprocessors#Opteron_100-series_.22Venus.22_.2890_nm.2C_socket_939.29 EDIT: Oh I see. CpuWorld just doesn't have the Opteron 148 listed however they do have the 146. Access denied I've tried Cpu-Z 1.72- 1.76 and 1.79 all show the same thing. San Diego Part # OSA148DAA5BN is an OEM/tray microprocessor OSA148BNBOX is a boxed microprocessor Venus Part # OSA148FAA5BK (E4) Access denied They do has it! OSA148DAA5CF (E6) I'll have to pull the heat sink for part number. I will do this at a later time.
  9. AMD Opteron 148 (s939) Venus core needs to be added. Access denied https://valid.x86.fr/pklww5 Thank you.
  10. My pleasure CPU-Z VALIDATOR
  11. Trying to mobile hwbot prime much new cell phone. LG Stylo 2 PLUS LG Stylo Many Thanks, ShrimpBrime. Cause it's fast. Warp-9 Systems.
  12. Interesting concept to take up space missing from cutting the glue. I've seent his with AMD processors that had been de-lidded and decided to just leave the IHS plate off. However I have lapped the bottom edges around the IHS plate where it meets the processor PCB to be sure it touches all the way round four corners. Very cool, hats off! ~ShrimpBrime~
  13. Stock 3.3ghz @ 1.1000v-core. Liquid cooled Tap to drain no additional chilling.
  14. http://hwbot.org/submission/2519222_shrimpbrime_cinebench_r15_fx_4300_474_cb I currently run 125w M5A78L MX "PLUS" Can't seem to find a plus model? Can view proof in link above, need more please request. I have the box too.
  15. Merry Christmas to all you guys!
  16. Don't sweat it Zorchie.... This is THE exact reason I don't bother with PCMark05 a LOOONG time ago. Every year the rules change on this bench at least twice.... May as well be removed and call it a day. It's closely watched by everyone for the breaking of rules and in some lower life terms "cheating".... Ask me, I'd say let people run w/e they want for this, disregard the cap for XP start up and see who can tweak the hardest. I think this way based purely on HW speed. Obviously the one with the fastest DDR3 is going to run software ramdisk and hit a good high score... like it should be??? WHY because OCing ram and then running software off it is a daily basis for many people and should be taken advantage of for any benchmark. So I never understood the rules of restricting software that completely utilizes the hardware..... Either way at the end it's just a number. It doesn't matter how big either. In a way having a sub looked at helps protect you as much as any one. If it's pulled and you redo it, resub, no big deal. Not like your going to banned over this BS benchmark that's packed with BS rules..... My 2 cents and no offence to anyone who reads the above.
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