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  1. Nice! Got the same cpu only good for 3200mhz temps make no diff. Actually doing better then my 6400+ buddy, Good Job!!
  2. Thanks Scotty!! Gonna take down W7, slap in XP, also upgrade VGA as well. Plenty left in the cpu too
  3. Ticket ID: 1445 Priority: Low Intel HD Graphics 1000 (GT1) http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2192294
  4. End of month, top 3 places benchoff for Ultimate 1st place x days required for submission.
  5. For a guy who doesn't like PC05, you sure are good at it! Keep it up Scotty!!
  6. The upload tab is missing once the picture is in place. Nothing I can do with it from here.
  7. I saw a tab to upload a picture for an image of the Cpu that is listed. It was otherwise grayed out 400x900 i think it said in the box. Example picture of my working 1090T http://hwbot.org/hardware/processor/phenom_ii_x6_1090t_be/ I noticed the picture is a little blurry being the IHS plate is next to the cpu so it's hard to make out the actual part number of the IHS plate. Could you guys clean that picture up or perhaps make the picture clickable to a second window for actual size? Thanks for your inputs and Merry Christmas to all of you.
  8. http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K8/AMD-Mobile%20Sempron%202600+%20-%20SMN2600BKX2BX.html Mobile Sempron 2600+ Albany core. Saw a 2800 Albany, but not the 2600+. Thanks again in advance!! ShrimpBrime
  9. Came across a 1500+ A64 Athlon socket 754 Venice core. Can we add this one so I can submit?? http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K8/AMD-Athlon%2064%201500+%20-%20ADC1500B2X4BX.html Thanks in advance, ShrimpBrime.
  10. The mods and admins have every right to bench and have a good time. Shouldn't even be questioned IMO.
  11. Lol. Opty.... I told you I wouldn't be the one crying HAHAHA! Suka.
  12. Had a great time in the K8 runs. Awesome job to OCF and Team17 for pushing and pushing. Although the comp ended at 5pm here, I'd like to ask why it didn't end at midnight. It was just after 5pm and I was in a car driving home. Kinda makes it hard to over clock.... Lol. Excellent Competition. Big thumbs up over here!!
  13. For clarification, I would not get away with it. So I've never posted a no valid cpu-z. If it was, it got flagged, removed/validated properly. This is partly because my team captain would not allow it and HWBot rules state VALID. If FX cpu-z aren't valid, it's not valid. The cpu is beyond it's top frequency, the save file barely made it and the validator knew all about it.
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