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  1. Adding it to HWBot History page would be a good start. It hasn't been updated since 2011 in fact.
  2. Welcome back. Sorry for my big mouth... Some content here, that I was part of, had really nothing to do with you, but some back and forth from another member and myself. It was unprofessional, and I'll choose to seek information and think before speaking. That said, my apologies, I'll be sure it doesn't happen again. So moving on.... How can we as individuals and teams help?? Help in growth of the community? Help in gathering sponsors and making it worth while for them to come and stay? What can we do to help YOU guys achieve the goals you're after?
  3. Hobby. I do it to help fill the data base.
  4. Maybe an idea is Alby doesnt have to mod forums and concentrate on everything else. Then find a respectable user to moderate the disccusions here. Would something like that work for hwbot forums? Just an idea here. Im sure the forum stress can get crazy.... Which is strange cause its not like theres some super heavy user base here... Even though I think there should be. Go HWBot admin and mods. All do a great job yea? Scott is right, should be appreciation for all admin and mods.
  5. Really the finances of HWBot is nobodies business and some people take wild stabs at blank targets. Here's a small link to when HWbot started and has names you seek. https://hwbot.org/article/history This link only puts history up to the date of 2011, and there's been changes and shifts since then. So I cannot get you the inbetween from 2011 to 2015 when you started. I remember when HWBot started. From rev 1 to 2 was a vast change. Every revision since some changes for good some, not so good, but has always been the number one spot to submit a benchmark and it was/is still fun. Oh how this community grew in the mid 2000's. I remember when ALL the overclock forums thrived. watched many tank pretty hard for a variety of reasons.
  6. Let me fill you in on something. I shouldn't but, I will. Some of the crap that happens here gets filtered into our private section on our team forum. As we discuss some of this (I mostly read it) it seems that turmoil trickles down to my team from here. We analyze it and do the best to work with what changes are made, discussion of possible changes and other such matters. The problem is people take stuff personal. Even down to my team members..... What you guys do and say effects teams all the way down to individual members. So HWBot does it's best. As a whole. As a team. You guys really need to focus on positive even with the roughest of issues. It's Linux. You're going to have what.... maybe 1-5% of submissions on this Operating system? Will it really need to be an issue how it's moderated? By the way, that would be about the same percentage of cheaters, if not less than 1% at this point. So, don't take it personal. It's not your fault entirely. You can't MAKE somebody leave over something as silly as a conversation over an operating system. I find it hard to believe. In fact, I'd bet he's been thinking on leaving for quite some time now. Just needed a scape goat. Perhaps you was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  7. I don't think you're a "cock"... Don't even really know you man. So..... Don't beat yourself up. Integrity, Optimism, Team before self, and customer focus.
  8. /geekbench /keep geekbench /remove points /change leagues. /keep rankings based on cooling (Not cheating???) /keeping overclocking and benchmarking simple. Let's really just complicate the shit out of it so people get tired of baby sitting and leave. I don't post here much, but when I do, I intend to impact some thoughts. -------- Lest we forget, It wasn't Legacy benchmarking when HWBot opened. Perhaps we are trying too hard at this. W10 benching in 10 years is going to be Legacy also. Hope you guys realize this and just get on with simplicity instead of making it all a fuck show.
  9. Nothing. It will continue to struggle through the issues as it has for many years.....
  10. I have no idea who Alby really is. Never have seen him, or spoken with him..... Is he leaving? Would that even be a bad thing? Is it going to affect my daily OC life? Some gratitude needs to be self proclaimed. If you're not happy with what you do and how you do it, by all means leave that situation to better yourself. Never stay someplace if your not happy. And I mean you want like 80% plus happiness, 20% aggravation is plenty to deal with. 100% happy is near impossible for any situation at HWBot... Have seen this through all the years. But for the lack of what I do know, good job Alby. Thanks for everything you've done for lots of people. It means a lot to them for sure. Pat yourself on the back when nobody else seems to want to. It's what you see in the mirror that should guide your happiness. Stay, leave..... Guy like me may never know the difference. GLHF!!!
  11. Cut the benches, keep the points. Put points in category, "old benches no longer supported ranks" so people can keep their hard earned work on their carrier rankings. This place has pulled so many points from removing benchmarks and wonder why participation goes downhill every time this happens. If you put a benchmark on here, it should earn points no matter what. If this is strictly a data base, remove ALL points, should have never been a thing....But we are here to compete. Took all the CatZilla points away from people. Shame on this place for that. That kind of deal is just straight bullshit. (sorry for my honesty here) All the benches that don't give points, just remove them. Useless wasting all that space on the servers. Or, put the servers to use and award points. IMO
  12. Not sure on hw sharing rules specifics. It is after all a competition and not just benching for fun.
  13. Sorry I'm not into Intel processors. So any suggestions I have would be to buy a better motherboard....
  14. Funny but why such a low clock speed? You're only giving the hint away that end result sandbagged subs will be submitted later.
  15. Oh if thats normal then my apologies!! I did get it download and ran the benchmark. Thank you
  16. Trying to DL 482MB HWBOT X254 benchmark. It's pretty slow, over 20 minutes to receive entire file. My dl speeds test ok? PING ms 14 DOWNLOAD Mbps 175.53 UPLOAD Mbps 11.79
  17. Looks like a pretty decent overclock. If it's stable for gaming, then your on the right track. How do the temps look?
  18. Its about time. Do what you gotta do. I aint taking personal stabs from any one. Here or anywhere.
  19. Hello! Hopefully we didn't offend you in some way to make you magically leave for seemingly no reason. If you needed information, you could have contacted one of our three team captains. Be well, hope it all works out for you..... Jon
  20. cpuz core cuts.... Well you always have to validate core 0 only. So if other cores draw too much from the 12v rail, its time to shut them down, increase current and increase overclock. Not me. I run naked Ryzen 7 2700x at 4500mhz on 4 cores plenty fine. Not many of my personal needs extend beyond the need for increased core count even gaming. You can see at Warp9-systems.com I like that hwbot lets us cut cores. I learnt processor does tricks!!
  21. So state the reasons. Whatcha trying to hide? Entire team? Hardly but I bet we could summon a few more members here to explain to you what legacy means. You obviously dont get it...
  22. Here we can only play by the rules. If its accepted, then we deal with it. I personally like most of the benchmarks. Having variety is good. Nobody says you have to run x benchmark.
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