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  1. thank you very much buddy. been trying for yeasrs to get a top h2o 32m score. now to get a pot on it right?
  2. im sitting here loving that mem score. and at 100 bclk too! is that 64 or 32 bit windows 10???
  3. guys can you advise me which presets i should be playing with for my corsair LED 3200 E-Die kit please? 2x8 gb kit? edit: it's ok im sorted
  4. mattfleg

    help please

    ty bro!! ))
  5. mattfleg

    help please

    anyone?? mods?
  6. mattfleg

    help please

    why am i having this problem?
  7. and which bios would you use for 6700k?
  8. the Apex isn't a big fan of E-die is it? any light to be shed on what the XTU setting does?
  9. anyone using 6700k with one of these? and wth is the xtu setting in bios?