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  1. i dont hold much stock in that lol, I'm on a sp67 5.3 locked daily with 4.7 cache thats achievable at 1.305V under high load, a tad more if i go 49+ cache. seen higher SP do less.... just saying. I know it's about the harry potter algorithm but ok.. I'm yet to be head soothed about the IMC howeve..
  2. I don't seem to be able to delete this moronic sub, aand the one prior so it doesnt rise to the top of xxxx pile. please erase before spotted or I'll be devo'd! :D
  3. Ummmm it looks like thats because you are using a Nano usb dongle from my angle... pleeease correct me. Is it fair to say that stepping 1 and 4 with p0/p1 rev's have been swinging best?
  4. a lot of benchs wil benefit from the dual ranked config.
  5. 5.3/4.7 (5.0 cache is fine no volt bump) @1.305 LLC7, point of dim ret as 1.40+ ish to do 5.40088 bios on Apex XIImems holding me back atm, the pic shows daily but 14 13 13 tight at 4666 is waza stable. 4800 c14 tight eludes me still.batch X025F655. SP-67 I reckon SP is just a diversion that's making us miss how we are gettin done somehow.... welll..... it sure as xxxx don't mean squat phht proof pic now in
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