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  1. Very good score for SS ... what maximum temperature do you really have on load? (measured in soft with load) my SS remains -50 in load but really the CPU has + 40 / + 50º
  2. very strong cpu, congratz...question how much vdram u use? 2.1+?
  3. hi myt, how much temps u have in this chip in load?(evap and coretemp) R1150 in 2nd stage?
  4. Hi Brutek, can u send me specs in u cascade? (compresors power, gas, capilar used) and temp in load forma software(coretemp x example). Thx you and very nice frecuency
  5. volvemos al ruedo? espero que si, falta actividad en la argentina
  6. nice frecueny for cascade..how much stages? R1150 in 2nd? temp real in load(coretemp)
  7. hi snake, how much temp u have IN CPU with charge?(coretemp/hwinfo,etc) and how much in evaporator?
  8. Nice oc and beast OC VGA version. One cuestión how much min temp OC cascade in load? 3stages?
  9. Hi Nach, ,temps in i7 iddle and Charger? Conpresor is 1/2hp? I'm build SS butcher un kaby my temps around +40° Charge @5500
  10. noliso, u can post SS spec or any picture from evapo and interior?
  11. wrong speed?correct is 6102.95?? and u write 6002.......(sorry for my bad english)
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