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  1. Rocket Lake is so exciting that on launch date vendor reps prefer to fight over #4 in memory benchmarks instead
  2. Come on, even Luumi can do 5+ seconds faster at the same clocks https://hwbot.org/submission/4565047
  3. Always nice to see a Vcore readout rollover on 775. Probably need a Vcore mod on P5E3-Premium now? :D
  4. Product not yet released, but already a reject
  5. Another hoarder awakens
  6. 1. It really varies from board to board. The same CPU might do 650 32M air in one board, but fail 600 POST in another 650+ capable board. In my 14 years on 775 I couldn't figure this out, so I would normally just pick a dozen best MHz/volt cores on air, put all under LN2 and see what happens. 2/3. Do you expect to bench at 700 FSB with decent efficiency, or are you after the 750 FSB record? For the former, you would have to use Garbage Extreme or P5E3-Premium (P5E64-WS Evo can also be an option), but those generally don't go above 710-720 no matter how well you bin or cool the NB. For the latter, EP45T-Extreme seems to be the one to go for. However, I was never able to get one above 600 and always found Biostar TP45HP / Tpower I45 to be super easy for raw FSB. Maybe ASUS P45 and/or Gigabyte P45 UD-series boards can easily do 700+ too, but this has not yet been verified. DFI P45 can potentially do 700+ too, but those boards are a pain to work with - DFI's shitty engineers just couldn't figure things out on their own, passed this down to the customer and claimed 'it's the ultimate tweakers' board". 4. Sweet spot for VTT is usually 1.40-1..50, for PLL is anywhere between 1.25 and 1.60 depending on CPU. Note that only Gigabyte boards can set PLL below 1.50 in the BIOS, for the rest you will need a hardware mod. From my experience, P45 usually scales up to 1.60-1.65 VNB and X48 usually scales up to 1.75-1.85 VNB, but of course there are counter examples.
  7. 10060227 or the '2009 sticks?
  8. @bob Yes. It's quite an old/known issue for Intel LGA775 chipsets - when using strap 400, 2:3 is reported as 3:5 http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?199241-3-5-divider-on-X38-P35-X48-P45-is-broken-is-2-3-in-reality-on-400-strap So if your score is strap 400, the real memory frequency is 761.2 MHz. You can also verify this by checking max clocks with any other divider/strap - should be around 760 MHz.
  9. Nice to see you active again! Were you running 3:5 with strap 200 or 400? If it's the latter, there might be something you've forgot after all these years :)
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