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  1. If anything should raise questions here is the validity of wPrime as a benchmark. The damn thing only seems to scale on raw CPU clockspeed and number of cores, without much regard to its architecture.
  2. I guess the question is - does P45 IMC go any higher with 1GB Hypers compared to dual-ranked ones?
  3. Never thought we'd ever see a D430 pushed above 5GHz, let alone "only" on cascade
  4. Let's pretend we didn't see all the recent AMD backups
  5. Here's the HWBOT sub: https://hwbot.org/submission/2200362 and the discussion thread with a few videos: https://community.hwbot.org/topic/29175-tapakah-celeron-lga775-352-83089mhz-830894-mhz-cpu-z/ This chip was never mine, just a random purchase by K404. I think best of my own chips stopped around 8180-8200 ish.
  6. I'd say that China is less of a hardware black hole compared to Warstein
  7. That preview picture is misleading for batch hunters And NO, rampage extreme is not better than P5E3-Premium.
  8. Only in a form of that annoying friend who drinks beer and talks shit in the background while not contributing to scores at all
  9. Like all 600+ air Conroes that I had, this E6750 can easily do 640 32M on single stage on many P5E3-Premiums, but on every Rampage POS it needs effort to even do 620 on LN2.
  10. And so does the chip. Sorry for sitting on it for so long, thanks for ACTUALLY benching it properly.
  11. It's indeed normal on P45, but doesn't excuse you from running DDR3-like tRFC (60) on DDR2
  12. For pensioners like me who don't visit the site daily, it could be nice to have a dropdown option to show the top scores not only from the last 24 hrs, but also from the last 7 / 30 / 365 days. Should be easy implement unless site was coded by a complete retard.
  13. Thanks for all the kind words guys, both in this thread and in private Adding to what I said, the last 5 years just didn't feel like the hobby I fell in love with. There are no more events where you can actually meet people and bench random stuff alongside. The community is far too scattered across multiple platforms (forums, youtube, facebook) and it seems that 99%+ of current "legacy benchers" would rather own the hardware than extract scores out of it. Recently losing so many X48 boards (especially the good ones) was a really big disappointment that threw me back 5-10 years. The last straw that broke the camel's back was being scammed by one Wilhelm Sänger trying to find a replacement. I guess enough complaining for now. It's been fun while it lasted
  14. It appears that the stuff has been spoken for and will be delivered to its new owner on 30 August. Will make sure that the handover "ceremony" involves a decent amount of beer For those interested, here are the reasons why I have finally decided to let go: Even after doing it for 15+ years, I am still able to find motivation to throw an enormous amount of time and money at this hobby. With the amount of hardware that I go through, I must spend pretty much every single minute of my time doing some form of binning / testing, otherwise I drown in stuff that is dead money. I recently started to notice that this amount of time started interfering with things like work (hooray for unsupervised Corona working-from-home) and self development. Given that I'll be turning 30 at the end of September, I thought it's an appropriate moment to pull a cold turkey and get myself rid of this harmful addiction. Quite frankly, the hobby became a plain battle of resources. With the level of socket 775 CPU's that I am at, my most important resource are X48 motherboards, which are difficult to find, let alone for a reasonable price. With the amount of people searching these on German marketplaces, you either have to message the seller within the first 10 minutes or offer a price that is well into triple digits to even stand a chance of ever getting a reply. What makes the situation worse, is the extremely poor build quality of Rampage Extremes (aka by far the most commonly sold X48 board). After losing my entire stock (4 pcs) over a short timespan (2-3 weeks) without doing anything even remotely dangerous (and it wouldn't be my first similar occurrence), I got simply too pissed with the whole situation and decided to call it a day. So, "Many thanks to ASUS", I guess.
  15. There is no "good stuff" that I intend to keep. Nor is/was there any hardware that changed hands prior to publishing this thread.
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