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  1. Nice to see a 3770k pulling MAX bandwidth -READ- that is. I came to same conclusion. Best bandwidth also with 3770k I ll try and participate
  2. I took me like a minute te realize it was not a Vantage score... Catzilla = wow really great !
  3. Thanks mate! If I finally get the 4930k and dram dailed in. Than its time to hook them up to my chiller! :-) That should bring more headroom -hopefully - if I dont run in Voltage limits.
  4. The score is in pace with the boosted frequency. The tweak I use . Is one from a long list that is in use for years by all off us. I don't alter anything that is not within normal tweaks or whatsoever. .. During the test I don't touch my systems. I can do it on 3770K. 4770K an 4930K also.. complete different platforms. One had complete new motherboard yesterday and complete fresh installed win7 64bit ultimate. Latest XTU version etc etc. No faul play. I saw today that ln2 benchers still use the slowmode (tweak? ?????????) trick. Run XTU en if not stable at all. Only need 1 high spike on frequency and Than flip slowmode... that is in no different 5han my tweak.. although one might bring to table if manualy chance is the determination factor...than flipping a slowmode switch would immediately disqualify a hole bunch of scores. And the entire ranking needs to be turned upside down to take those results out of the picture.. See my YouTube movie
  5. no bugg no bugg no bugg i can do this for any cpu ... see my 3770k and 4770k !! I found a tweak that works noithing to do with bugg
  6. Hey Nedernakker, I know this score lies way beyond any other score obtained on a watercooled system. But I repeated the test 3 times, have the datafiles exported them with accompanying screenshots. Its than manually uploaded -so no auto loaded XTU score. I think part of the score is due to extreme thightend dram and other is probably due to a tweak that I found. Is a tweak a bugg?
  7. Took a lot of time to get the dram dialed in .. that boosted xtu
  8. Hey Dart, I think it has something to do with the cherry picked Matrix from Asus :-) check this validation: http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/details.php?id=496y6 promise for more. Going to slap it in my RIVBE with 4930K for more boints ! Hope I don't loose this card as the first Matrix (sudden death no particular reason, only switched GPU tweak version go figure). I still have 3 reference R9 290X cards lying here that screem to be benched. How is your benching, or not much time due to work?
  9. Nice rigg.. are you using an Asus Matrix r9 290x with stock cooler en another with a waterblock? My Matrix R9 290X is busted and now in RMA process, if its not a warranty matter than I have 1 gpu less... If I don't get a new one than perhaps you are interested in buying my EK Matrix Platinum R9290X waterblock.. so let me know if your interested and than i can keep you posted if its indeed for sale or not Greetz
  10. 1287 score @ 4500/4000 Mhz? When overlooking the xtu standings this score popped out, no others anywhere near that score has done so with such low frequency. Bugged or wrong speed reported? How about those voltages?
  11. Wprime needs all possible cores / threads. You have to set the amount of thread's under the advanced button and set it to 8. Than rerun that test...
  12. Wprime loopt t beste op alle threads !! En je moet bij advanced settings het aantal cores=threads zelf invullen, hij loopt nu namelijk maar op 1 core ...
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