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  1. I installed xp on the system, giving totally different scores... same settings crazy differences range from few points to even over 25k in score. Any tips? And you guys are indeed right.. if it looks to good... think twice.. Well another thing learned here! Greetings
  2. I have removed the score from the competition and have removed the points. I will look into this with my team mates and see what is going on! Thanks for the help all! @ananerbe: I don't recall exactly, but it might have briefly blinked black. Thanks for the pointer!
  3. no I only have 1 monitor connected so that can't be the problem. Anybody any idea?
  4. maybe its caused by windows 8 ? I dont know, I think most other runs are on xp right?
  5. I honestly don't know what to do with this. Can somebody please tell me what is wrong? Or should I just take the score off not even knowing if its wrong and what is the problem?
  6. I did notice the difference but there must be something that causes this. So what is it, if I know I can fix it. Until this I have not done anything to alter this score, or whatsoever
  7. I have seen the difference and if I have done something wrong I dont know what. I am here just for fun, not to do illegitimate things what so ever
  8. I have put the link to futuremark in also. You can see the settings, they are as they where. I did not use anything to alter them.
  9. clocks are a bit higher: core 1275 -> 1280 mem 1750->1775 And put the system outside for a few hours, Thats all I changed
  10. it is a real cheap block, it had just one fan on it. When I put the second fan on it started to perform better. airflow : bottom fan pushes the air and top fan puls the air, exhaust to top case fan and back fan. than there is a 140 mm bottom van for air intake as well as three front case fans for intake. tomorrow I am starting the build with a new set water cooling. cpu and gpu waterblock, 1x120 47 mm thick radiator, 1 x 240 mm fan 80 mm thick.. Fans : noctua. This , I hope will bring down the cpu temp and gpu temp. resulting in much more overclocking ranges ... I hope
  11. Nice run on stock air ..... This week I am installing the water cooling set ... hope for better results.
  12. http://hwbot.org/submission/2223347_atheroise_3dmark11___extreme_radeon_hd_6990_4751_marks I.just put.down a third place score..I check to see how.far I Am behind no..1 ... But that submission hasa yellow flagg. So if that person fails.to comply, wil his.entire score be.deemed. invalid? In that case I.should.move.op to second place. Moderators please check this. The rules are and clear. Greetings
  13. Why no link to valid futuremark post. There many reason whoo people don't post it: See link; http://www.3dmark.com/support/troubleshooting-my-results/#validation.gpu.not.detected So produce the link because i doubt this score. If you have nothing to hide letz see it!
  14. http://www.3dmark.com/support/troubleshooting-my-results/#validation.gpu.not.detected Thats clear result is not valid. Please moderators take this,under the scope
  15. Did you run this test with Lucid Virtu MVP?? Than its not valid.... Also on 3DMARK11 the result is not valid/available ....
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