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  1. Ñ The fact that even while running a chiller, jpmboy has taken no condensation measures at all. This can only be done when his chilled water temps are above the dewpoint. Where the dewpoint is a mathematical function of ambient temperature and rellative humidity at a given time. The dewpoint is NOT a fixed value, the ambient temp and the relative humidity changes even over a couple of hours. When running super chilled water below the dewpoint, I always calculate the dewpoint once every 2 hours or so. Immediately if you get below the dewpoint, some serious actions have to be taken
  2. Bump, price dropped to 75 euro excl. Shipping. Sticks alone can be send in envelop. Original Package with dram fan has te be send as package.
  3. Off Topic, whats with the linkz about Downloading The Bechtech Toolbox?!¿¡¿ links are dead?
  4. Hi Guys, Since my best ddr3 kit ever the DDR3 TridentX 2400C9 had died, I have send it to G.Skill. Thought it was no longer in stock (since production had long stopped) but to my surprise they send me a Brand New replacement kit. Production date july 2016. Since I sold all my DDR3 motherboards I have not even opened the packing - the seal is still intact. So its Brand New, still in sealed original packing it comes with an enclosed dram fan. Details: G.Skill TridentX F3-2400C9D-8GTXD, Samsung IC's (based on K4B2G046D chips): 2 x 4GB, DDR3, 2400C9, 1.65 Volts Asking price € 90, s
  5. Thanks Racoon!! Payment is on the WAY !! Thread can be closed !!
  6. Howdy Dodi Guys, I am hoping to find someone who has a flowmeter lying around and willing to part with it... Looking for Either Koolance Flowmeter or Aquacomputer Flowmeters see also enclosed pictures of products that fit the bill. G 1/4 inner diameter threaded. These things are ridiculously expensive at respective webshobs, but not willing to pay (and able :-() top dollar (euro in my case). So who can and wil help me at reasonable cost? If so drop me a line Thanks for reading. Cya
  7. henkenator68NL

    CPU Pot

    Accidentally put pm in Wrong place. Should be in your box
  8. THIS PROBLEM IS ALREADY IN SUPPORT SECTION http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=154599 Strunkenbold has tasked Massman to fix the issue.
  9. I backed it on kickstarter. Its in production they stated. As for shipping to europe indeed 40 euros on top of sales price.. Looking forward to trying it though. Good info Alex!
  10. as it looks now i am benching points backwards nog gain but alll the pain
  11. Well, after submitting post after post I think something similar is going on with my league points also: different league non the less but is there something going on? any other people noticed something like that?
  12. I checked (for as far my knowledge goes lol) and it should be in the same categorie I think so risc can be added : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_architecture http://www.arm.com/products/processors/armv8-architecture.php
  13. well it works now , hope that risk will be set also. For now thanks Strunkenbold
  14. Hi Nick, exactly how many fitting are available. Further questions A: do you perhaps have Waterkoeling pump+rervoirr + cpu waterblock (intel 775/1150/1154 and X79 lyi g around som3 whwere arround? Best Mate
  15. Here is the Link from cpu-z validation: http://valid.x86.fr/a/k783ck Would be great if you could add the device also!
  16. This set has already been sold :-) Its sitting right next to me LOL
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