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  1. Regarding the General Rule: Only use Asus Graphics Card: I assume that goes for all the stages? So for Super Pi a Picture and the filled GPU details proving that Asus GPU is indeed used is mandatory? At least that seems to be implied by the general Rule. Please Clarify this ASAP!
  2. Problem still persists, scores are not updated obviously. Are there more stages that have this problem?
  3. 1 x 7970 sapphire reference on water cooling, 1 x gigabyte windforce oc air cooled
  4. matrix platinum r9 290x on air cooling reference r9 290x on water cooling
  5. remark: 1 x Matrix Platinum R9 290X on stock cooling, 1 x reference R9 290X on water cooling
  6. Well well, the critters are finally crawling from under the sandbags...
  7. Thanks for sharing! I have tried the training, but haven't been that patient! I'll give it a go!
  8. Famous quote by:Mark McKinnon:The initial attraction of a political convention=open contest, was that often the outcome was not preordained. There was at least some element of surprise. But, now it's like tuning in to a movie where you already know the plot and the ending. It's just not that interesting..
  9. My personal opinion: I agree with earlier comments. This so called open qualifier is essentially a way to immediately separate the guys that have already been selected and predicted. Those that can go: a. Have Access to fast amounts of money and or huge crates full of hardware that they can try (who picks up the bill?). b. Have sponsors behind them (are they than not viewed as working for a manufacturer.....?. What about the people that go there professionally (as said before) are they not viewed as working for a manufacturer even in related areas? . While their companies pay the bills. c. People that have easy access to extreme cooling material d. As predicted in earlier comments the winners are already easily to pinpoint. e. Have enough money to travel to (for me) the other side of the world. F. It is stated that the area is at small walking distance? Personally I am disabled I can't walk very far. All in all even though I like events like this, I feel that this is not really an open and fair contest. Why not give people that use normal 24/7 use-able Pc's and only on th free market available air and water cooling. That way at least a lot more people can enter and have a chance to win. On top of that, making it really a truly exciting event because nobody could than predict the winners.
  10. reference clock is not reported correctly by XTU. Refrence clock is running @ 193.9 MHZ http://valid.canardpc.com/73fj1f
  11. Hey Massman, thanks for the reply! Al your effords are much appreciated ! So I will see when its fixed !! Have a nice day!
  12. Hello Guys, In my account: Henkenator68NL http://hwbot.org/user/henkenator68nl/ I get this achievement almost every hour: You gained a new achievement: Use GSKILL memory for at least 20 submissions. This goes on and on, and keeps going for weeks now. There is nothing wrong with getting an achievement; but the same one over and over?? Could this be fixed? Thanks a bunch ! Henk
  13. Hi! I am trying to upload an Aquamark3 score. The test has been done multiple times but when I try to upload I get an error (can't create page or something like that). System: Maximus VI Extreme, 4770K @4800, 8 Gb corsair dominator platinum, 6990 gpu OS: Win XP Service pack 3 32-bit Aquamark version: 2.26 The AM3 wrapper does not have the correct motherboard information = missing ps: I can upload scores from my other system (maximus v extreme, 3770K, 7970, 8 GB Gskill) I have multiple files and accompanying screenshots (see screenshot attached)
  14. Thanks mate !!! I am at the end of my voltage settings .... I have to see if I can get higher settings unlocked, The GPU clearly can be pushed further temps are 49 on GPU and 68 on Gddr....
  15. Dart, there is still more points to score, best boost after trying it al was for me fresh install of win7 64bit, run it and finally over 400K, certainly with your clocks! i would like to know more about how you get it to run T those speeds :-) .
  16. Hi m8, just wondering: why OC your GPU during Cinebench? Its raw cpu power and ram that counts. Do it once more GPU at stock or even downclock it. Good Luck!
  17. Hmm Yea we do have the same board and the same CPU. I am running the 1707 bios... Maybe that is the problem. IS the cpu load during the benchmark supposed to go up and down and up and down ?? from like 100% to 55%? Well I am doing reinstall of OS (think I wil try it under WIN8) and maybe I will try bios 1802 (just drop it on bios chip 2 and leave the current one intact). Well we will see! Take Care
  18. Thanks m8! I am trying all kind of things to keep it cool in there! Its obvious: i need a small controlable cyclone in my pc .... But the weather guys told me that it is not possible ---- YET! LOL I noticed you making progress on the XTU... Well I must be doing something wrong, I install and run it, but all options are greyed -out. Yesterday it would even show the benchmark tab.. How did you get it running like the wind????
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