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  1. Here is the Link from cpu-z validation: http://valid.x86.fr/a/k783ck Would be great if you could add the device also!
  2. This set has already been sold :-) Its sitting right next to me LOL
  3. [WTB] Good ambient 4670K/4690K/4770K/4790K As stated in the title. I am after a pretty good (doesn't have to be sub 1.200V 5GHz spi chip, just be nice, coolable, working perfect and scale above 5GHz on water) cpu. Please contact me with a price shipped to The Netherlands in private, if you have anything to offer. Thanks in advance. Really hope that someone will make my day. Item 2: Asus ROG OC PANEL found in /with some Asus Motherboards .(as part of packaging from maximise vi extreme, Rampage IV Black Edition, RVE and M8E). I have damaged 1 of mine love to replace it, do you have one, please send me the price including shipping. __________________
  4. Pm-ed I'll take 1 (1,22 volt) pm on the way
  5. Bump last price drop 75 euro incl free shipping in Netherlands, 82 euro incl free shipping in EU
  6. Bump! Price now 90 euro incl shipment in mainland europe !!
  7. Thanks, that's a great suggestion. I can at least give it a try! I have heard and read something like that. But never tried it, So any (?detailed?) information is more than welcome. Does and don't? Would be a nice turn if that could make it work again..
  8. Bump! Any takers? now 100 euro + free shipping in Europe mainland. Packed in bubble envelop incl invoice. the original box I'll fold it flat and demontage the cooler .and put it in bubble envelop as well..
  9. No new stuff. But I am ready to atheist spit some frustrations on for mentioned gpu. At introduction Asus gave me and some other team mates a very limited (via backdoor delivery). So me and teammates ( was at ROG SUPREME OC TEAM).. MOST now are in team MLG. SAD POINT IS we expected a robust product with some hidden gems.... Hook op oc tool unlock ln2 mode .... êen voila.. Well nope... Mine sufferd from mistrious dead. sent I rma. gave me titan in return. But what the heck got another one al super bargain... so hopes up.... GRRRRRR ER. NOT long and all off a sudden red stripes at boot.. OS install al went fine. but as soon as I install and amd driver.. red stripes. would that even boot. little ask around .. lots of team mates suffered all from dead matrices. but what in the rats name... this a ridiculous overpriced r9 290x with even more expensive ek waterblock... 1e gpu+ekwb-= 760 euro with warranty at least a bit of bandaid. 2e gpu was handpicked ES ( no warranty).+ ekwb= 400 euro.. Is this sounding like a ridiculous story?"I would appreciate some options on that. Anything. BTW anyone familiar with red stripes as mentioned (fiksable or another contender for a sling with a huge catapult straight in the North Sea? other fun and destructive ideas are welcome Grrr who grrrs with me? (should have moved on but .. had to whine on last time).
  10. Well MFR or CFR : you might be right there, will double check. But they certainly are 4GB each ! here is the tweakers.net link (dutch indeed) but manufacturers links is at end off page: http://tweakers.net/pricewatch/352825/g-punt-skill-tridentx-f3-2800c11d-8gtxdg/specificaties/
  11. Hi Guys. Anybody interested in this kit: G.Skill Trident-X F3-2800C11 2x4GB DDR3 Kit with Hynix CFR IC's Capacity (total): 8 GB Amount of modules in kit 2 x Type memory DDR3 Rated frequency 2.800 MHz Type module DIMM Rated CAS latency CL11 Rated voltage 1,65 V XMP support yes purchase date: 26 march 2015 Invoice available: yes Warranty: yes as per manufacturer stated (average sold for arround 300 euro) Hynix MFR These sticks DRAM are using Hynix chips of the type CFR. These sticks can easily be overclocked for example: * 2800MHz C9-12-12-25-1T * 2800MHz C10-14-14-28-1T * 2936MHz C10-14-14-28-1T Sticks are in absolute pristine condition, only used for few test sessions. payment via paypal (payment to friend so no additional costs), direct bankpayment also possible with IBAN. Shipment will be done with track and Item is sold
  12. I'll take the board mate. PM sent
  13. you guys seem to be flooded with work.. I am available and willing to help-if needed@.
  14. thanks for info, i blew my own m6e to pieces incl the oc panel. so my question should have been does the oc panel come with the board ? all other stuff I have in plenty.
  15. is rhe board complete with all accessories ? if so I would like to buy it.please pm about details and shipping costs to Netherlands .
  16. any chance this will be added any where soon?
  17. pm sent about X-power
  18. HI Splave Even its an oldie, this thead is pretty use full. So thanks for That I was wondering if you have an howto/guide explainig howto manually tweek ddr3/4 Is there any fixed or -top prefered - working order for tuning the dram. So start with the desirered frequnce / after wat will you finetune further after that; Primary Timings, Lqtency Boundaries, Compensator, secondairy timings, Tertiary timings, IOL and RTL, Any thing I forgot? Also if you have any other tips, or you think other info might be very beneficial, I would love to hear Bests Henk
  19. Could you give me your best quote for the mem pot. Shipped to the netherlands. My budget is limited, but certainly interested.
  20. You could use AIDA64, in the program you can find detailed system information. Under mainboard you can see a few subcategories. Detailed dram info is read from the Jedec chip, containing jedec profiles as well as the xmp profiles. I made a little guide a while ago howto pull a detailed list from your syatem with aida. The result is an xml file (can be viewed in every browser). I have enclosed the guide (attached pdf) Other tool that gives nice dram info= Rammon http://www.passmark.com/ftp/rammon_x64.exe Hope you find what you need
  21. Samsung released 2 new Android devices on march 11th. The Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge. Please add those to the hardware database. There seem to be different versions of those depending on the region on the globe. The CPU for example depends on thee exact type number. My device SPECS: Samsung SM-G930F Galaxy S7 CPU: ARMv8, CPU part: Exynos 8 Octa (8890-soc) # cpu cores: 8 cpu speed: up to 2600MHz quad-core mongoose and 1.6 MHz Quad-core Cortex-A53 GPU type: Mali-T880 MP12 Memory: 4096 kb
  22. Hi, Those still available? How much to send the kit to the Netherlands? Greetz Henk
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