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  1. through 1000, sorry I have not thanked before. thank you again. already knew 'this mod I opted for model with 8bit swich and I made the mod red with trimmer 20k Apple does not feel cut a track are not so good at micro soldering .... lol in that there was a Dutch site Buoso for cold start but has been removed, too bad I just crazy in the 450 gts with Vmod over and see what ecse ....
  2. Hello boys I apologize for my English use google translator wonder if by chance someone has a bios for msi gts 450 to put the card under ln2 has cbb cb at -60 to -55, and I read that you need a bios for ln2 is 10 days, but I search everywhere and can not find no. if anyone knows what to change or has this bios or know who I have to ask me I would be grateful! thanks guys.
  3. Hi guys. I found the same thing during my tests of msi x79A-GD65 I think it's also the fault of sensote temperature. else, you've noticed that if you enable the plate ln2 jumpers should not be more '? mi scuso per il mio inglese ... google traduttore
  4. with the straight brother vga but behaves weird, but that at 4x I'm 'trying to figure out why .........
  5. Sorry the previous post I had translated. I think this score should be put in the category ln2 vga is the frequency too high to be in stock
  6. penso che questo score debba essere messo nella categoria ln2 la frequenza vga è troppo alta per essere a stock
  7. Processor will not have enough, I felt I was at the limit and beyond that frequency would stop making and losing fps ....
  8. thanks bro congratulations to you and your work are very fast! I apologize for my English but it is the fault of google translator ... lol
  9. at that frequency is not the time to do wprime32m sorry for the double post
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