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  1. is good once you understand I think the motherboard msi z77a gd 65 seems to have problems with the Rams at least I have these problems
  2. hello Delex I was testing the CPU and not been tested in 3d Lighthouse them these days cmq think of no more than 6600mhz in 3d and still less in 32m I have to try it on asus + gene that is stable
  3. thanks bro I was at the limit with this vga ... I tried it with xfx here and I have not modded 1100 to see if you take the gpu then nature makes
  4. I tried ivy bridge B3 of p67 asus with bios 3205 the plate does not start in any way I tried 4 different ram modules from multiple vendors but does not work. 00 debug LED on asus z68 instead with bios 3203 works but not very well ... when I save bios settings the plate is turned off and does not restart by itself I have to start Same thing when you reboot from win debug stopped at 00 then turns off I start it by hand. solutions?
  5. hello sorry to bother you you describe how you can use the reactor Here I have your same card but I have not unlocked until the control voltage to the gpu ... 1.60volt 1,35 volt max ..... thanks
  6. thanks It was not easy. I'm used to with nvidia ... amd scale very differently It took time to understand how ...
  7. Aristidis nooo! vga gone? I loved this challenge I hope will resume soon
  8. great! beautifull challenge Aristidis and Perica_barii The next step is ln2 vga?
  9. sorry guys the bios p9x79 1009 good for asus deluxe p9x79? thank you so much ...
  10. andreyang say that p67 asus maximus ivi core works? with that bios? asus 2302 on the site ..... works? thanks
  11. wow nice I bet even comfortable
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