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  1. thanks my friend is 2600 k p67 test .... but problem continues .... ulps
  2. thank you! It was not easy, these drivers amd make suck! the card seems to braking by drivers who do not work properly! what about the ulps? sucks ..... However, after gallons of ln2 I did ... I'm happy for now.
  3. thanks guys! just when sandy is going to overshadow ivy to find the cpu was looking for some time lol lol
  4. orb gave me error: Error code: 10 (Problem Id: 7385783) If I happen to things I do? sweet thanks
  5. hahahahahahahahah You're a fool! beautiful car ln2
  6. thanks bro 580 msi does not run as I would like .... definitely something wrong, I have to study to solve this is the best for now ....
  7. Here I pay 50 euros for 40 liters .. i have my dewer very expensive I have already 'spent half a fortune for ln2 Italy Reggio Emilia
  8. Sorry, but it amesso put the gpu in the cold? Liquid or cold? thanks
  9. dopo di te il deserto.... i complimenti non sono sufficenti
  10. Cao guys! I am still here to break :-) I'm looking for a bios for Zotac GTX 460 256-bit has cbb to -50 ° and -60 ° cb someone has? I also ask the experts if you can have it by writing to provide zotac directly from them, say that you can 'try?
  11. thanks Tecnocomputer for this motherboard and the CPU http://www.tecnocomputer.it
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