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  1. Willing to sell just the R6A + 7740X?
  2. Was able to make a deal with Suzuki, please archive thread now.
  3. @suzuki I can only find stuff on eBay that's like $600 USD. I think that's like MSRP from when it was originally sold at retail? So I guess I'd be looking at prices a bit below that. PM me if you wanna negotiate, I'm not gunna be unreasonable with offers.
  4. Heyo, Looking to get into some 2011-3 benching with a 6950X, hard to find a R5E10 at non-ridiculous prices though. Please quote for shipping to post code 3805, Victoria, Australia. Paying with PayPal. Thanks in advance.
  5. Adding my two cents. I'm fine with max freq as is and I like mat's suggestion (above) of a new way to do "max freq valid" using some kind of very light workload instead of a CPU-Z valid. I also like the suggestion of creating a new benchmark for all-core + HT on CPU-Z valids.
  6. Hi mate @M1RR0R, are these still for sale?
  7. Fantastic news! Thanks for organising this Roman.
  8. @MrGenius Well to quote mat: I think this wording is saying "stop messing with Geekbench with your program or we'll sue". Mat already agreed to stop distributing the benchmark, but now the devs want him to stop BenchMate from doing anything at all to Geekbench. If they want mat to completely withdraw any functionality that BenchMate has for Geekbench, then I think it should be slated for removal of points if/when HWBOT moves to needing BenchMate for everything.
  9. Ah after looking around the Z170M OCF doesn't look that hard to mod so I'm happy to do it myself actually. I just need the board updated with the latest official BIOS so it has Kaby Lake support. @Sparky's__Adventure Happy to offer $250 USD + shipping to Portland, Oregon. If that's all good then PM me your paypal and I'll give you the address.
  10. Looking for a Z170M OCF or M9A that works with Coffee Lake CPUs. Happy to consider any other non-mITX 2 DIMM boards that would work with Skylake + Kaby + Coffee. Paying with verified PayPal. I live in Australia but have a US forwarder. If you're in Europe then I might be willing to pay shipping depending on how expensive it is (can work it out in PMs).
  11. Ditch Geekbench if they're gunna get all lawyer-y about it. Thanks Mat for all the time and money you've put into benchmate 👍
  12. Considering you only get points from 1 division, so long as there is at least one division H2O can fairly participate in, it's fine. And whatcha know, there's two divisions that are ambient locked. Heck you could probably be competitive in every non-ambient division except for div 1 (and probably div 2) with a good enough 1151 chip on water. So I don't see what your problem is here, as your 8086K could easily compete in div 3 and your 4790K in div 7.
  13. I keep seeing this issue of competition points being "stripped" or "removed" from older members. The institution of a top5/top10 (as opposed to unlimited) for career comp points doesn't really strip away comp points from anyone, if you placed 1st in a bunch of big OC events in like 2010, then those points will still be here, counting towards your ranking if you don't have any other better results. Even under rev7, as George points out, comp points evaporated after 12 months and I didn't see people getting all riled up about their comp points being "stripped" even though that is exactly what was happening. In actuality, under rev8, older members will be getting more comp points on a permanent basis then they ever have been (if comp points always had a 12 month expiry in the past before rev7 - feel free to correct me if this isn't the case). I also agree with the other point George makes, that for newer people trying to catch up, it will most likely take significantly longer to accumulate a similar number of points to older members, because the number of competitions every year has started rapidly decreasing. Here's a graph that illustrates this, with competition data taken from here. Just to put some numbers on this, if you participated in 50% of comps from 2013 - 2018 (making a simplifying assumption that all comps give the exact same amount of points), and if there were only 45 comps per year for the forseeable future, it would take just over 12 years for the new member to catch up at the same participation rate, and only if you stopped participating in any comps. What kind of bullshit is that? And even if we dismiss the fact that it might take significantly longer for new members to be on an equal footing with older members, if older members continue to participate in new competitions, then there's the hypothetical scenario where an older member will always have more competition points, regardless of how much time a new member puts in. The fact that is possible with unlimited career comp points is a tremendous issue. I don't see why we wouldn't want to improve the system to promote equality for all members going into the future, rather than advancing the interests of older members at the expense of new members.
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