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  1. Would offer 100€ incl. Shipping. But then it is definitely over
  2. Who bought the p5e3 premium ?
  3. Thats not a real problem as long as you removed it good and clean. Don't need to be replaced. Mem and nb fujitsu are more important !
  4. jep. and the mod is not super easy if you don´t have good soldering skills
  5. Sometimes you can run 45nm cpus without coldbug when you give them lower pll than stock.
  6. you can flash the x04 for the normal soc force onto the ln2 board with intelfpt without any problems. works perfect !
  7. found the issue with the help of @Coldwove the switch in the lower right corner is broken.
  8. You can take it i am located in germany. That will be more expensive.
  9. Do you have a price for that kpc nb pot ?
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