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  1. Gigelz

    Z97 OC Formula

    Hmmm, where are you from ?
  2. biggest problem with ocz memory is, on most kits you can´t say reliable which ic they used... hard to give an opinion
  3. i shipped a triple kit of ocz blade 2000c9 to @Eisbaer798 yesterday. it is working and probably you can buy it from him. he is located in germany
  4. Ofc there is more to say. Which version are you looking for ?
  5. Did you delid the cpu ? Or are you only using kpx between pot and ihs ?
  6. @Matt26LFC has a decent one for sale
  7. Thanks @GRIFF for taking part of this thread very interesting infos about other, than the usual, defects ! You have a workint IR soldering station ?
  8. thanks for the little reminder. i edited the batch to the correct one used an Q822A435 in my last countrycup sub. also super nice chip. i hope it scales on ln2 too...
  9. Board has vpll mod and some other things. But this cpu is only happy with 1,55v vpll and around -138c. Cb is at around -148c. But if you go that low, you will loose ~10fsb...
  10. Good work nice to see that all the hunting seems to get quiet good results ! Except the failing L311B515
  11. nope, the "dead" one has -75 cb and -50 cbb so pretty much unuseable
  12. thanks and special thanks to @Luumi and @TaPaKaH who gave me some tipps
  13. can be closed @websmile
  14. don´t have 20. and usually i have bad luck with cpu binning was only lucky with my amount of e5620´s.
  15. thanks ! hard to find some chips. €€€ seems to doesn´t matter too...
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