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  1. Not really for collection. I just want to test it
  2. Would you buy it for me ? I don't know how to contact someone on that site edit: created an account and they are blocking me because of my german ip
  3. thanks, but i really only need that r3be
  4. Really good chip bolc ! Good 4790k's are quiet rare i think. Its easier to find good 4770k's
  5. the e8600 is from ebay a few days ago, right ?
  6. you can use the single heat sink from p5q dlx or p5q3 dlx for example
  7. Bitch please ! @Mythical tech nice work dude ! can you get it working with 1:2 mem divider ? maybe you can improve your performance even further.
  8. Adata ram still available ? If yes i will take them all
  9. I hate that pm type deals... just a personal opinion from me. If you are interested, write in the thread.
  10. Try different vga's @Eisbaer798 and me had that problem few weeks ago and end up with the fact that some asus x48 boards doesn't like every vga card...
  11. We should build the rampage impact... the repaired board that i bought from you had also issues with 00 postcode during a session last weekend
  12. Hey, I am looking for an e8600 with the Q822A435 or Q820A598 batch. donĀ“t need to be tested on old or pretested in general.
  13. I am interested in the mocf too if splave doesn't take it
  14. yep, tantals are the best option to replace the fujitsu crap i like to use https://eu.mouser.com/ProductDetail/KEMET/T530X477M006ATE004?qs=r%2B%2FF0HTKyUcLhCoNF%2Bv0HQ== for memory and https://eu.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Panasonic/EEF-GX0E471R?qs=%2Fha2pyFadui%2FODXTv%2Fc0aeZAwW96RiBqHHpNWPFtmnCIPAqDWGVwrQ%3D%3D for cpu and nb because they are not so tall. if you are doing it right, it will look like this :
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