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  1. nice work unfortunately the new cpuz versions are crap for max fsb validations...
  2. thanks idk if efficiency is super good or average. i can only compare with the other cup results atm... thats not a super strong cpu i think probably @Eisbaer798 and me will recheck this chip with x10 next time. but in fact this chip has a cb at around -160 and no reaction to vpll mod.
  3. 6500 32M would be nice and full pot capability with vpll mod
  4. Only looking for an e8600 atm
  5. Difference between raptor 3 and 4 is not huge you can take raptor 3 aswell
  6. i smell some 2666c10 dom plat´s ?
  7. Someone here who has experience with a rampage extreme which doesn´t want to keep bios settings ? When i slide the battery in, voltage on that battery contacts drop to zero, indicates a short in that section to me...
  8. I am using the same corsair psu since 7 years or so. Never had any issues with it
  9. i think room temp on my second attempt was way colder. first time was in summer, easy 15 celsius difference in my room...
  10. then you can also teach me how to handle x48 the right way. the board that i bought from you with the broken mem slot did 645fsb 5:8 one time on cascade and now it can´t do even 630...
  11. maybe i am blind, but how much do you want for that 4790k now ?
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