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  1. Yes we do want to get this official, but as mentioned best set for after ROG & Country Cup. I really wanted to represent as many sever sockets as possible, but there is no way this go around. Maybe next comp we could do all the older platforms like slot-1/2, socket-8 etc but for this go at it lets see how many will play No cooling limitations. A pain to verify anyway. Stage 1: SINGLE SOCKET (0ne CPU) 939 (opterons only) SP1 G34 x265 1080P 775 (xeon only) PiFast 2011 x265 4K STAGE 2: DUAL SOCKET (2 CPUs) 940 = 3DM03 (any single GPU) G34 = 3DM06 (any single GPU) 1207 = 3DM11 (any single GPU) 771 = Fire Strike (any single GPU) 1366 = Vantage ( no limit on GPU count) 2011 = GPUpi (no limit on GPU count) STAGE 3 TRIPLE SOCKET (3 CPUs) Any socket that can run 3 CPUs = GPUpi 1B for CPU Stage 4 Quad Socket (4 PUs) 1207 CB15 G34 y-cruncher 10b 2011 GeekBench Multi-Core 1567 Wprime1024 Stage 5 Bring what you got, no number of cpu limits any server socket(s) goes 1: GPUpi 100m 2: RealBench HWbot 3: CB11 I'm not good at knowing what 3D bench works best in conjunction with what socket, hope I got it. If its good with you guys, (i'll wait a few days first ) I'll speak with Websmiles to see if this could be setup. I hope we can come together to get this going.
  2. Besides intel xeons there are AMD opterons that need their spot in the light too . Problem with me is, I wouldnt know what bench to match to what socket to appeal to as many as possible. 771 2011 2011-3 1366 ******* 939 940 G34 1207 Dont put limits on cpu count. The whole point of a server comp also includes the fact that multiple cpus can be used
  3. Definitely liking where were going. Dont quite understand how Pifast / superpi 32m would be a fit in such a heavily multithreaded comp. Any specific socket limitations anywhere? Or bring/run what you got?
  4. I'm all for a server only comp if thats what it will be. If there is to be a comp featuring Desktop as well as server hw then thats a different comp. Lets try to get our feet wet first by setting up a server hw only comp, can even have stages for single socket as well as a mix of Dual-socket, Triple-socket, Quad-socket, Octo-socket and my favorite Crazy-socket (anything over 8 cpus ). Stages for older platforms leading up to more recent stuff. I know there are plenty of folks that have their dual-370, dual-462 and even older plus the Sr-2's and newer... well you get the idea theres plenty of server platforms out there that can be represented to get folks involved. This way we can see how many participants are willing to throw in on a server comp. So to get this ball rolling, How many stages of 3D & 2D should there be? What benchmarks? How long should the comp run? 30days, 60days, ??days?. What platforms to feature this go around? I know we can come together n create a great n fun comp for many.... I know not everyone will be happy, but that is something that will never change with any comp. :celebration:
  5. I 'm confused. But I always thought Computer Hardware is Computer Hardware regardless if it was labeled SERVER or DESKTOP or LAPTOP etc. And that this is THE place for ALL computer HW not just favoring & glorifying the new n shiny desktop stuff. Thats the one thing I could never understand about HWbot on how they can segregate "server" hardware from ALL other computer hardware and think its OK. Referring to being treated equal... Comps as well as general rankings. Saying server components are expensive... For who? Because PLENTY of folks are quick to dish out big bucks on DESKTOP cpus. Sure some socket types are pretty hefty in price but the exact same thing can be said for desktop cpu (retale not ebay or 2nd hand PC-shop) Dont take it personal Michael, This is not aimed at you. You or I or any one else is entitled to their opinion, but someones opinion should not be what dictates such a decision for the masses. Yes I do know that its been this way at bot for years... But that dosnt mean things cant change for the server crowd as it has for other types of HW Just my 2bits :celebration:
  6. I really do like TASOS line up but as mentioned with the proposed limitations it will definitely limit the number of participants because not many will have multiple variants of a platform they will usually have the optimum components only needed for a given platform. Personally I dont have that issue . But it would be so much more of a fun comp with as many participants as possible. Not seeing many folks spending $$$ for Ol' skool parts they wont use again. I realise the popular HW has been used n proven and the idea behind the limitations. Maybe lighter/looser limitations somewhere to attract more participants? Just an opinion...
  7. Thank you very much sir :ws:
  8. For s423? Sure there are SDRAM boards. Abit BW7, MSI 845 PRO (MS-6529), Gigabyte GA-8IDX3. Just to name 3
  9. Definitely on the first part. Personally I liked this year cause it forced me to up my game delving into DDR4 supported platforms.
  10. It could be altered in different ways. Say instead of first 2 weeks say wait 30days for first stage to end and then every 2 wks after that. Or something like that.
  11. Ah yes, I see what you mean. Liking the point spread idea. As said nothing will please everyone. But with a twist n mix-up every so often should help some how.
  12. Lets say team A missed the first 2 weeks, you never know what other team(s) may miss any of the future weeks. So it would be a huge mistake to step out after the first missed 2 weeks. A team leading the whole comp can miss the final 2 weeks then BOOM a change of the guard takes place ;)Thats where the undisclosed prize(s) comes into play (if any). No one knows if its $1000 worth of hw or $10 tube of thermal paste. Just like lotto gotta be init to win it... Till the end But again, its just an idea...
  13. @Leeghoofd, you obviously are here at Bot because of your passion for OCin & Benchmarking. You joined the bot staff cause of that passion and wanted to help make this thing of ours that much better in what ever way you can. Dont let the comments of a few change that. As a team Capt. you try to lead by example and there was absolutely nothing wrong in the way you arranged n executed your teams participation in the comp. DAM GOOD JOB!!! well done. At the end of almost every comp, there has always been sour grapes with some for one reason or another and that wont change because you can never and will never please every one %100 of the time. You never know it might be me bunnyin next year . Point is; where the crown for this year PROUDLY... Heres a possible twist for future comp. An example; 24 sub-stages in 12 weeks (3months). Announce that at the end of every week 2 undisclosed stage(s) will end . Prizes: Undisclosed till the end Anyway just my 2cents... Be well :celebration:
  14. It was supposed to be a FUN comp. This is turning into something ridiculous for lack of a harsher word. Its one thing if a sub was made with blatant disregard for the rules or wrong background on screen shot for comp then yes it needs to be removed, but when it comes to something trivial like opening the ram SPD tab instead of MEMORY tab in cpuz then its up to the discretion of the MOD team. Michael has been doing a great job so far with prior comps, is fair in his decisions. Sure some may not agree with him (like I have in the past) but in the end he did his best to be equal and fair to all. Cant ask for anything more. So I say let him do his thing and may the chips lay where they land. Thanx websmiles for all you do...
  15. Could you please add this https://valid.x86.fr/3hzm9z MSI X99S XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM/USB3 (MS-7A21) to the data base? Thank you.
  16. Congratulations to all teams that participated. Great showing by all. Super proud to be part of Warp-9 team ... Websmiles has nothing else to do... J/K Thank you bot for the opportunity to compete against some fantastic team... However with all that said; I realize that sites tend to lag because of users on it, but need to really look into the eSports pages. On a regular its very slow to load/refresh, but last night was just unbelievably ridiculous. From about 24hr prior to end was only able to get it in just 2 subs (some my error) but the waiting/loading/timed out/etc was bananas... But in the end it was fun. Thank you :celebration:
  17. So very very true. It has been proven many times. It all boils down to the last 24hrs when the sleeper teams emerge JUST HAVE FUN!!!
  18. As a test to see what team really practices team work and puts the TEAM before personal pride instead of battling among them selves
  19. Could you please add this mother board to the data base? Dell 0HKCW0 https://valid.x86.fr/b5474s Also please add this motherboard Hewlett-Packard 1630 https://valid.x86.fr/b5dbzm and this GPU NVIDIA Quadro K3100M https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/details/zxyf9 :celebration:
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