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  1. Yes I tryed via XTU as well as manual via Bot. Will give v- a shot.
  2. Will PM you the file The version in use is No way to attach the file in PM
  3. In need of some help. I have been trying over and over to get an XTU submission in SC2/S1 but for what ever reason it just will not submit. I tryed submitting from XTU, Manual, various browsers, re-ran it several times and nothing. They show up in my XTU profile on Bot but thats it. When I try manual, I get There is an issue with the supplied data file. Please try again, if the problem persists contact the HWBOT crew. Here is the submission if I can get some help getting it submitted would be greatly appreciated. Intel Core i5-2400S CPU @ 3500.0MHz - 604 XTU marks on HWBOT *MrPACO
  4. No problem; Will make Quadros G96 or older. I wanted to have it up as soon as I could to be able to get all questions/concerns/complaints out of the way so that once it starts there are no hick-ups/problems . At least that was my thinking I hope its well accepted by everyone. Thank you for the opportunity...
  5. I tryed to put it together to allow for as many participants as possible with out having too many limitations or making too easy. I only submitted my idea, it will have to be up to WebSmiles to change anything he deems necessary.
  6. Has been update. Let me know how it looks now.
  7. I will make the needed adjustments shortly.
  8. I'm sure I'm not the only one or the last one
  9. Round-1: s771 (771 to 775 mod allowed)/Quadro G96 core or older Single GPU only Stage-1: Maxmem Read BandWidth Stage-2: 3D06 Stage-3: Vantage Round-2 All S939 (Opterons allowed)/GF7 (multi GPU allowed) Stage-1 Cine bench 11.5 (divided by core count) Stage-2 Ice Storm Stage-3 Realbench Round-3 s478/Matrox Stage-1 Wprime 1024 Stage-2 3D03 Stage-3 PCM04 Round-4 s462/GF2 stage-1 CPU Frequency (Percentage of OC) Stage-2 3D01 Stage-3 Cine Bench 03 Round-5 Slot 1/Slot A/s7 //Rage Stage-1 Slot 1 and Rage 3DMark 99 Stage-2 Slot A SPI 1m Stage-3 Socket-7 HWBprime Multi-Socket allowed where applicable.
  10. Not sure if this has been brought up. I am aware that Bot had a crash (or 2) in the past and as such a lot of submissions screen shots were damaged &/or lost. Unfortunately there folks that dont know/understand/realize that and are constantly reporting OLD submissions quoting "No screen shot". Or worse, see that there was a screen shot but it is a damaged file and still report it. Example of an older submission that obviously has/had a screen shot but was damaged. Yet was still reported. Not sure how this can be addressed; Maybe a bot generated generic screenshot saying something like "ScreenShot Check n Valid"
  11. How much time is given to get the info together?
  12. If understanding you correctly; because you dont own a better or particular cpu you would like to have them change the system to suit YOU and what YOU own. Thats a new one. Not every one can enter every competition because no one has every piece of hardware ever made. They try to make comps as flexible as possible when they can to allow as many as possible to participate. Just sometimes you dont have what it takes may it be the hardware or the time. There will always be someone complaining about one thing or another because they (Bot Team) can not please EVERYONE. But they definitely do try.
  13. Could you please add this Hewlett-Packard 233F motherboard? CPU-Z VALIDATOR :celebration:
  14. Pretty much something along these lines: Similar to what you see in each individual members profile now but with a twist. For TEAM version when you click HARDWARE LIBRARY TAB the view shows the hardware on left as it does now but instead of showing how many submission was made on the right it shows the number of team members that have that piece of HW. When you click on that number the next page lists all the members by name that have that HW on the left and the number of submissions they made with it on the right. when you click on the number of submissions made for a given member it then shows a list like it does now; each submission that member made. Also like the idea of a tick box of sort to indicate if that piece of HW is still owned or not I can not say if this is something easy or not to implement, (way above my pay grade ) but would surly go a long way in aiding teams. Like anything else; its just an idea...
  15. Its very well known that some members sell/trade/kill/buy hardware everyday. If thats the the case; same thing can be said for the Individual members HardWare library. A lot of folks here dont really care what the other members on their team have cause they pretty much bench for themselves not the team, especially those teams that have hundreds if not thousands of members. But then you have TEAMs that rely & work with each other and having a list of all members hardware in one place would help and benefit those teams
  16. This would be such a fantastic addition. Would make things so much easier for teams when prepping for team comps, purchasing new HW etc with out having to go to each and every members library back forth to compare n see who has what. Is this possible?
  17. mr.paco

    Unlocked CPUs

    OK. Will do. Makes perfect sense. But also keep in mind that when new OCers/Benchers enter the scene they wont know or realize these things when submitting datafiles.
  18. mr.paco

    Unlocked CPUs

    Thats how I've always done it in the past, Prime example: My unlocked 170u unlocked to Athlon II x2 270 are subbed under 170u with 2 active cores. But BotPrime automatically put in the Athlon II x2 270u catigory. There was no option to edit it when submitting the run. MrPaco`s HWBOT Prime score: 1524.21 pps with a Athlon II X2 270u Then I see a category FOR Athlon II x2 270 and one for 270u: AMD Athlon II X2 270 @ HWBOT Thats why I ask, cause someones gonna have their hands full trying straighten all these categories with unlockable cpus The way I see it is: Athlon II x2 270U is for the UNlocked 170U and the Athlon II x2 270 is for the Retail TRUE x2 270. But hey I could be waaaaaaay of base here See what Strunkenbold has in mind
  19. mr.paco

    Unlocked CPUs

    If it was mentioned before, sorry I missed it. But were unlocked CPUs given their own category? I tried submitting an UNlocked Sempron 130 to Athlon II x2 430 MrPaco`s HWBOT Prime score: 1611.48 pps with a Sempron 130 But there is no new category for the unlocked version . Then looked up my 170u runs and see that a new category was added for the unlocked version Athlon II x2 270 Do I submit my unlocked 170u in the Athlon II x2 270 or in the 170u? Am I wrong?
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