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  1. I've been trying to get this XTU submission into the comp but for what ever reason when I click Participate nothing happens. Tried with Chrome & IE. MrPaco`s XTU score: 489 marks with a Core i5 2400S Could you please add it to SC-2/Stage-1 Thank you
  2. The board isnt for OCin/Benching it is for a daily rig. This particular board meats my required storage capacity needs with its 12 sata ports & IDE port.
  3. Bump: Still looking...
  4. Sorry but we must be reading 2 separate set of rules. Nothing about 2011 update, in fact says opposite. 2008 Screen shots no longer valid.
  5. I tried to move/edit it to the Opteron 146 category but all I get is a blank page.
  6. Greetings all; I am looking to buy an Asrock X58 Extreme6 motherboard in full working condition. Ideally in the USA due to shipping costs, but if not we can definitely try to work something out if the price & shipping are reasonable. Maybe some one has one laying around not being used and would consider selling it. Please respond here or via PM if you have one. Thanx... :celebration:
  7. mr.paco

    Please add mobo

    Thank you Sir...
  8. How could anyone really verify what cooling method I am truly using. I could say I'm running H2o, but in fact am on DIce. Whos to say other wise?
  9. mr.paco

    Please add mobo

    Could you please add this SUPERMICRO H8QGL -IF+? On the board it self is printed with the -IF+, but not in CPUZ. http://valid.x86.fr/h07ym7
  10. Thank you :celebration:
  11. Could you please add this WISTRON 30B5 board to the data base? http://valid.x86.fr/u0549g
  12. I may be confused on something and if I am please clear it up for me. From some of what I read a few are complaining that XTU gives so many more points than 3D benchmarks. That is wrong; The points all start out the same and THEN grow based on the number of participants/submissions/popularity. If you you look at the number of XTU submissions it equals OVER 283,000. Not another benchmark in 2D or 3D even comes close to that number of submissions. Maybe 3D06 with just over 76,000. POPULARITY... The exact same thing can happen with/to ANY other benchmark here if suddenly folks decided to do 3D06 for example, then BOOM the top points will get bigger . Its a matter of who wants to bench what. If one person wants to take $400 and buy one video card to bench 3D thats his/her choice. Same if another person takes that same $400 and buys 40 cpus to bench 2D. Everyone has a choice of what they want to run. You can not ask/force a system to sway the point algorithm in your favor cause of less participants. Understand, I do not have anything against 3D benchmarks at all I actually like em more than 2D. I just cant 3D bench to save my life , so I choose to mostly run 2D. Again... A choice. :celebration:
  13. mr.paco

    Please add CPU

    The funny part is I still have a bunch of other never heard of before cpus for other sockets Thank you very much Strunkenbold.
  14. mr.paco

    Please add CPU

    Could you please add this cpu to the bot data base? Not sure what to list it as: Athlon II XL V66C or Athlon II X2 466 http://valid.x86.fr/8decqc http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K10/AMD-Athlon%20II%20XLT%20V66C%20-%20AEV66CHDK23GME.html Thanx...
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