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  1. Could you please add this SIEMENS AG A5E31233684 board to the data base? Intel Core i3 3217UE @ 1596.19 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR
  2. mr.paco


    Before I start making submissions, Just wanted to know if there was a difference between these 2 GPUs that are in the Bot data base. QUALCOMM QUALCOMM ADRENO 305 Qualcomm Qualcomm Adreno 305 @ HWBOT QUALCOMM ADRENO 305 Qualcomm Adreno 305 @ HWBOT
  3. Totally understandable. Greatly appropriate the time you took to look into it. Thank you.
  4. Could you please add LENOVO CloverTrail motherboard to data base? Intel Atom Z2760 @ 1797 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR Also; What category should I submit this intel GPU in? https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/details/gg7c7 TIA Went looking to make submissions with my Z2760, but the Z2760 in the data base is a completely different one for cell phones socket FC-MB4760. Different socket, different core speed, different core name etc. My Z2760 socket FCMBA3 Intel Atom Z2760 @ 1797 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR Could you please add this to the data base too?
  5. mr.paco

    HWBot Prime help

    When I try to run n submit a SoC device I get UNKNOWN HARDWARE. CPU-Z VALIDATOR Pics show from bench run to final error.
  6. mr.paco

    Please add device

    Nothing wrong at all with it. Thank you very much. :ws:
  7. Could you please add this LG Tribute 2 LGLS665 to the data base if its not already? (I couldnt find it ) Could you also direct me to the correct category for submitting this SoC processor ? CPU-Z VALIDATOR
  8. Just an idea; If you have another board. Have you tried it in a different 1366 mobo other then an SR-2 to see how it shows?
  9. Its not so much about being fare as it is about making sense. When benching a single threaded benchmark like super-pi, if I bench 2 x E5520 that would equal a total of 8 cores/16 threads BUT the benchmark will only use one thread or core from one cpu only to make its computation (that's the way single threaded benches are meant to be, to test one thread or one core) The only thing I can see that would any difference would be in OCability. You can OC one cpu or one core much higher ndmore stable then OCin 2 cpus. So it really wouldn't make much sense separating single threaded benchmarks by number of cores or threads or cpus used because it only runs on one thread on one cpu.
  10. I too bench multi socket systems With any single threaded benchmark including Cpuz freaquency no matter how many cpus used will only take your best run. Only multithreaded benchmark will grant points / rankings per number of cpus used. Hope that helps?
  11. You have just been liqmeted by the liqmetinator
  12. Not many guys... Only 4 people ran this CPU with XTU with you that make 5 and 2 of them were at stock speeds. That isnt really enough info to know the true potential of the cpu or the quality of each persons CPU. But I could be wrong... Again And your English is just fine
  13. Set from Private to Public. Like I said; I have no issues with deleting/removing the submission if indeed it is a bugged run. It was only questioned because of the screen-shot. and believe me I have no problem with that. If my sub is bugged then it's bugged. BUT there are many many other submissions that XTU shows one speed for CPU and CPUZ shows another (if a screen shot was posted). My actual speed I think was about 3.8Ghz +/- With XTU being a benchmark that no screen shot is required, What if there was no screen-shot? In any event, just let me know if you require me to delete the submission Websmiles. Just want it checked first is all.
  14. No tweaks. I ran it as normal as I always do (when I can get it to run). Thats the end result. Dont know why XTU shows 4.14 Ghz. If in the end it is deemed a bugged run, I will with out any problem remove it but with proper reasoning and some sort of valid proof .
  15. Lost almost 1000 here I know of at least 1 benchmark was removed RealBench Not sure about any other(s) that were removed from BenchMark List.
  16. Wana say congrats to Madshrimps Belgium OC Team. You guys killed it at the end... Very well played. I liked the DogPile as well, was a new & different twist. Looking forward to next years Cup.
  17. Thank you kind sir :celebration:
  18. Could you please add this Acer BA52_CP motherboard? CPU-Z VALIDATOR
  19. I dont see anything wrong with the submission . OH wait... No CPUZ MEM tab. LOL
  20. It was not that easy to come up with the choice of platforms to use. My goal was to open it up to as many participants as possible with out making it too hard or too easy or too complicated. Sure I could have gone with socket-8 or socket-5 that are even older than s370, point being there are more options to go with but couldnt add em all with out making it ridiculously over the top and driving the bot staff crazy . I just hope you and everyone else will participate and have fun.
  21. Not sure if any one is aware but there used to be a TAB to view the Over-All Rankings (yesterday it was there), but no longer see it. Shows the tabs for each SubComp but not the over all Team Cup Rankings.
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