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  1. Question; are you trying to use XTU to Over Clock your CPU? I ask because other then that xtu has nothing to do with cinibench or anything to do with uploading/submitting a result. To submit a cinibench run there are 2 options: 1: Run cinibench with the App BENCHMATE. or 2: Run Cinibench alone without changing anything run at default settings. take a screen shot of your result compliant with the rules https://hwbot.org/news/9946_application_94_rules/ and just go to SUBMIT SCORE on top right of the bot main page, scroll down and select the benchmark you want to submit
  2. Could you please add this TOSHIBA FF40 0683 motherboard to the data base? https://valid.x86.fr/dptmy2 https://support.toshiba.com/support/modelHome?freeText=8F130441S&osId=26 https://www.cnet.com/products/toshiba-satellite-c75d-c7232-17-3-a6-7310-6-gb-ram-750-gb-hdd/ Thank you.
  3. I really would love to go up for the event Stefan and for the opportunity to do some meet n greet with some fellow benchers. But its not in the cards for me personally. Much success to you with the event...
  4. Could you please add this HP 84FD motherboard to the data base? https://valid.x86.fr/tgikja Thank you...
  5. Any chance of including a multi-socket stage or 2 somewhere in there 😉?
  6. They usually request that you include a CPUZ link. But Antinomy may not need one 😉
  7. Big respect to GRIFF and GUMANOID in the Bonus Round. You guys made me work... Very well done, look forward to next years OSiBS...
  8. Is there a link/page showing overall team rankings? I see in each stage they show the rankings for that particular stage; but what of OVERALL...
  9. Could you please add this ELEKTRONIK PPC2100 s1170 motherboard to data base? https://valid.x86.fr/34rjsi https://www.br-automation.com/en-us/products/industrial-pcs/panel-pc-2100-single-touch/
  10. Fascinating... I can count on one hand the number of TEAMS here that bench for & fight for their TEAM, most other members here at Bot bench solely for them-SELF points/rankings and to hell with their team. Prove me wrong... And that is just fine for them. So Out of pure curiosity; What is the sudden interest in TEAM points/rankings. Hmmmmm. It has been mostly catering to crying individual benchers here anyway again nothing wrong with that, if thats their thing so be it. However why go after TEAMS points/rankings? Some individuals here can not compete on a one to one basis o
  11. Can you please add this FOXCONN 2AB7 AM3 motherboard and onboard/IGP ATI RADEON 3000 gpu to the data base? https://valid.x86.fr/sqv02m https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/details/v6e2x Thank you...
  12. Not sure if it falls under the recalculation or something else, but my Road to Pro points dont show. If I understand it correctly I should be showing 70.4 for my chosen Division-1 under my World Ranking for the past year.
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