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  1. Not sure if it falls under the recalculation or something else, but my Road to Pro points dont show. If I understand it correctly I should be showing 70.4 for my chosen Division-1 under my World Ranking for the past year.
  2. v3.1 & v3.2 now work. Yes it was the reduction size. Will only run with 256 or less. Thank you for the help and the great work youre doing with the program.
  3. Hi Mat, I can not figure out why I keep getting error and unable to run versions 3.1 or 3.2. I can however successfully run version 2.3.4. 7700K & RX 470 @ stock Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I was looking to make some submissions but noticed an error. The Abit BP6 is a Dual s370 motherboard but the Bot has it listed as a SLOT-1 motherboard. http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/bp6/
  5. If all are in agreement, I dont see why not. Lets do it up :nana:
  6. There is absolutely nothing wrong with restricting to specific CPU cores or GPU in it self, was referring to how GPUs are restricted along with the restricted CPUs. As for ES chips. I cant say either way But at the end of the day; what ever brings em in works for me
  7. I think he meant, no 771 come in 8-core based on my questions to Dead Things.
  8. Thanx for making it clear for me, my old brain has seen better days
  9. What no 8 socket stages??? I do like it. Personally I wouldn't have limited so much like specific cpu cores AND/WITH a specific gpus. Just to allow more to play that may have limited server HW and combinations, but if thats what it takes then I'm all in where ever I fit in If all goes well this go around there will be chances to mix things up other ways Question; Like on 939/940 stage 3 - 2 cores on 2 sockets: I understand this as a total of 2 dual-core cpus one in each socket. Correct? But then in stage 4- 4 cores on 2 sockets: I understand it as a Quad-core cpus in each socket . I maybe wrong, but 939/940 dont come in Quad core. Then on 775/771 stage 3- 4 cores on 2 sockets: I understand this a quad-cpu in each socket, Correct? But then you have stage 4- 8 cores on 2 sockets: I understand this as an 8-core cpu in each socket. As far as I know there are no 8-core 771 cpus
  10. I may have misread it, but his actual request was to try and have a sever stage included in one of next big comps like Team Cup or Country Cup. What we are trying to do here is put together a server only comp
  11. Pretty much that would limit it to 2 to 4 socket types correct? Popular or not there are a lot of server socket types that some may have that others may not. How about if everyone here each create 2-stages consisting of 5 benches each stage of whatever HW, Bechmark, limitations they would like to have included in the comp. So far we have: Jumper118, Dead Things, yosarianilives, unityofsaints, mr.paco, skulstaton, havli. I believe that with the input of others that havent shown up yet should pretty much make most happy ( not all) with the out come. That way everyone here can have what they want in the comp.
  12. The one thing we have to keep in mind is that you cant have a comp based solely on what you or I may have. It must be open as much as possible to allow for others that may have different HW to enjoy themselves as well. Example being some of the HW I laid out in the comp I dont have, but it wont stop me from participating with what I do have . We still have a few months to go before we try to get this up n running, so between now n then the stages and HW are open for any type of change &/or adjustments. I set it up just to get this going, because we can discus it all day n night but if nothing gets started it wont go any where. I know not everyone will like what we end up with but thats always the case. I just want to see as many as can show up. Not very interested in a 1 or 2 man comp.
  13. Always eager to hear from a fellow server enthusiast Without limiting too many stages too much , how would you include some of what you suggested here?: Stage 1: SINGLE SOCKET (0ne CPU) 939 (opterons only) SP1 G34 x265 1080P 775 (xeon only) PiFast 2011 x265 4K STAGE 2: DUAL SOCKET (2 CPUs) 940 = 3DM03 (any single GPU) G34 = 3DM06 (any single GPU) 1207 = 3DM11 (any single GPU) 771 = Fire Strike (any single GPU) 1366 = Vantage ( no limit on GPU count) 2011 = GPUpi (no limit on GPU count) STAGE 3 TRIPLE SOCKET (3 CPUs) Any socket that can run 3 CPUs = GPUpi 1B for CPU Stage 4 Quad Socket (4 PUs) 1207 CB15 G34 y-cruncher 10b 2011 GeekBench Multi-Core 1567 Wprime1024 Stage 5 Bring what you got, no number of cpu limits any server socket(s) goes 1: GPUpi 100m 2: RealBench HWbot 3: CB11
  14. Ok so now who's gonna come up with n design the background ?
  15. A very very good point If it turns out to be a TEAM comp, most definetly one person can submit in each n every stage as many times as needed. The need to have multiple different members will not be the case here. If you are a 1 man/woman team or a team of 100+ members makes no difference. I believe the best option would be to make it a MEMBER comp this go. Yes look to have it for early next year if possible.
  16. I have no issue with it being a TEAM comp. Lets see what a few others think. Theme names you got seem fine to me. Will give it a few more days for additional input from others and then will present it and see what Websmiles thinks of the idea.
  17. Cool ... Any one interested and has an idea on anything they would like to see added, removed &/or changed this go around, please voice your thoughts. The more input the better. Really would like to this happen Any thoughts on a theme name? Should it be a TEAM comp or a MEMBER comp?
  18. Well since it is a s771 cpu its allowed. I know the Skultrail was sold as a desktop but it still fit in with what we are doing as do all 771 cpus
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