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  1. The CPU scre is normal for the set-up. I just asked why there is physx active. Nicklas0912 gave me the correct answer (didn't know that). Thx
  2. Not bad, so so far Asus and MSI mobos can do it. Let's see some stuff ffrom GBT and Asrock!
  3. Oh boy, you armwrestled and gang banged Pieter...Damn I am sorry I was not there I did, oh yes I did
  4. Unfortunately, now I really have a problem with CPU-Z .... DDR3 5866 VALID - http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2278843
  5. I will check that out too, but not my main purpose of travel there
  6. One GIGABYTE HD7970 OC, 4 Intel CPU's, 4 AMD CPU's, 10 games. CPU scaling, frecquency scaling, core number scaling, from AMD FX-4100 to Intel Core i7 3960X. Oh, and a fresh new look for our website Radeon HD 7970 CPU scaling study | lab501
  7. San Francisco Beier - I thought there is no point for me coming if you are not there ))))
  8. Ok, now it looks right, this is how a WR should be validated. Big congrats man!
  9. Hi guys, my crew will arive in Hannover tomorrow morning, so anybody looking to have a beer with Matose, Micutu and Orlov can drop them a sms/PM/etc. Unfortunately (or not ) I will not be attending CeBIT this year, since another bussines trip overseas appeared recently, and it is taking place during CeBIT. So ... no Munich Halle for me this year (anybody in the US next week though, I am good to go for some Bid Daddy pale ale )
  10. Anyway, this is less important, maybe I have a different view on this then others and it does not matter that much. What matters is that when you validate a world record, you should do it with something working, valid. Now if CPU-Z does not work, we must find something new. Of course, I am not talking about this score, it is not Christian's fault that CPU-Z has problems, but I am thinking about the future. Depending on one software alone can be pretty dangerous and there should be options available...
  11. Remember that money are not coming allways by selling something, but by collateral means also. Same goes for many other programs that are free, and bla bla it is my right, I do it for nothing, and then along comes a big software manufacturer and pop, design this exact software for me, but looking different, for money. Well, you would not get there without the users, so...dunno, I do not feel like somebody is doing me a favour if I use a software that eventually ends up in money.
  12. Christian - we submitted Bulldozer WR with valid link, not rejected. But Yes, I agree that there are problems with AMD and Franck SHOULD fix them.
  13. And how should we validate clocks from now on, with a realiable solution?
  14. I understand, I have no doubt in my mind these clocks are valid (unlike what I posted above), but the problem is that with WR you should have proper validation, otherwise there is no difference between the two from a spectator's point of view. So Franck should be asked to fix his.
  15. Uh So I guess my all time unbeatable record can be uploaded? http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2097133
  16. Yes, this is the general idea, but this is a gray area and I wouldn't support sharing of any sort. As HWB rules are right now, it is how you say.
  17. You cannot force anyone to do or do not so something, especially a friend who helps you out with something, so I do not think that is the case. However, even if I know err0r to be e very nice person, and a very enthusiast overclocker, this is not according to rules, even if he is not part of the same team. I blocked all the scores in question, and I really hope I never see this again, EVER. Of course, if fellow HWBot Staff Members feel that more measures need to be taken, I will second that.
  18. I think he was more interested in the tweaks, not talking about bugs, but sometimes it's more useful to find some things by yourself instead of having them handed to you
  19. Vista and 2k5 is common knowledge since years, spend more time testing and tweaking guys, the fact that one thing does not work for you it does not mean it's not working, it means you are not doing it right Regarding sharing: 1st thing - the 4870 with nachtfalke is not the same. Nachtfalke lives in Germany, Ramiro in "far away land", those are just the same model, no sharing here ( I have pics with boths cards if anyone needs to see them). 2nd thing - Ramiro lives very far, in the forest, in a small village ~50 km distance from the biggest city around. Because of that, he does not usually get packages send directly to him with carriers, because there is an extra charge from the big city to him. So , for instance, whenever he has a sample to receive, me or Matose get it, and then we send it to the big city, where a friend of his that goes to work there daily picks it up from the carrier's office and brings it to him back home. I know this sounds weird, but remember that we work together and he gets lots of samples for coolers and VGA's for air-cooling tests, so when you work with the carrier 10 times a month, those extra 15-20 Euros the carriers asks, that add to the usual 10 Euro fee can become a problem. Now, Ramiro is very addicted to benching old cards and such, and he is allways hunting for "special" pieces, from Romania or other countries. Err0r lives in Bucharest and receives those cards for him, and then sends them to him as I explained above. YES, in this case, Err0r benched all those cards before sending them to Ramiro and uploaded the scores, which is wrong and he should have known better, but I suppose he thought it is ok since they are not on the same team. The cards belong to Ramiro and Ramiro's scores are ok (and much better I might add) LE: Just for the record, it would be easy to say that Ramiro bought the cards from err0r, and that solves the problem, but neither me or Ramiro believe in this kind of gimmicks. We are both men of our word. Now...does anyone need more proof? Anyone else upset with Poparamiro and Nachfalke beeing that good on air? The scores are legit and done on air-cooling, I can vouch for that, and I think most of the people here know what my word means...
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